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Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. The ultimate bad ass coach!

Game on. Life on. Stop waiting for others to save the day and get you where you want to be. You want to max out performance and life?

Maybe the answer has been within your reach like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz ( she was trying to get home but her way home was two clicks away with her shoes). She also showed the Tinman,Scarecrow and the Lion that their 

"Prize" was inside them all along and the Wizards gift to them already existed!

LOVE.  I know it sounds corny and like a Hallmark card.  Love today is a different version!  Love is the power source and  energy that guides all of us if we allow our insides to recalibrate all the crap thoughts and feelings that come and go. 

True performance and happiness starts with an unconditional affection and love for yourself, despite the fact you are not perfect and at times are a royal pain in the ass to yourself at times. 

You want calmness and confidence to replace the self-induced stress and anxiety that  artificially lives when we allow outside events and circumstances to shape our thoughts and feelings?  Simple formula. Think of Dorothy sitting in your favorite outdoor scene! 

Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz

Stay inside your world, love the shit out of your imperfect self and know all the answers you are looking for are in and created by your YOU.  Your You is your love. Go love you! 

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