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It's game time!  Do you know where your eyes and thoughts are!

No one cares about your launch angles, exit speed, bat path and sequencing efficiency once the game starts. 

Time to let your eyes take over!

Instead of checking video of your swing or having the coach tell you to swing at better pitches or "stay back", let's go back to the real tools:

The Library. Did you get there softly and arrive on time to read and be quiet. 

Eye Candy. Deer in the headlights or sunsets, mountains and oceans?

Vunnels. Did u steer the pitch you wanted to hit  into your Go Zone?

Track jumpers.  Stuck behind the runaway train ( the oncoming ball) or did you position your scope slightly in front?

Open Focus.  How good were you spacerider skills during ball flight? ( awareness of time and space during ball flight). 

Quad rides.  Did you pick your favorite side 

(top,bottom, left or right) of the ball to lock in on for earlier movement clues?

Lanes and ladders. Did you see the front of the plate as a series of lanes (vertical) and ladders ( horizontal) to guide your barrel to the ball?

Did you calm down the back of the head (thoughts ) so well that you could actually hear and feel the slowness of your heartbeat during ball flight?  

Game on. Eyes on. 

Take control of your hitting.  

Eyes, ball, barrel body.  

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