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All you need love. The 4 core parts of high level performance.

I know it sounds abit fluffy and puppies but if you strip down all the self-help magic bullets that are out there, try this self induced formula:

L. Listen to your slow, controlled breath and Listen to your gut/inner voice. It knows all.

O. Open Focus. When you look with no judgment or expectations,you see everything. Open Focus is present seeing. It is how your eyes want to take in the world and moving objects. Open focus is the visual mode for the happy and famous.

V. Inside/ out thinking. The V symbolizes how our true thoughts and good feelings have to originate from the inside and not be controlled by the external/ outside events and circumstances. Like the great hitters that Vunnel in pitches into their lanes and ladders, the power of the V is all about visual and emotional control.

E. Entrust. Always gets back to trusting yourself and trusting the path you have chosen is yours. Entrust is pure self trust.

In Love we trust.

All you need love

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