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Cheat the Grind. Not!

As some of us celebrate Passover and Easter Sunday, a reminder and reaffirmation of the power of Good. 

Each day we have crossroads and decisions that need to be made quickly. 

The day gets fast for us and we get caught up with reacting and being influenced by outside events. We make excuses, defer to later or play the blame game. We escape into social media to make us feel better or worse, depending on the last tweet or image we touched.  We succumb to others reactions to our true self and hide behind self- consciousness. 

The grind is doing the stuff we know that needs  to get done at the moment to make tommorow easier and more enjoyable. The grind is saying no when yes is more popular. The grind is acting on a thought that forces you to do something immediately. The grind is engaging with life at times that escape would be easier. 

The grind is Good.

Let's celebrate the power of Good. 

Every day.  Find  your Good through the Grind. 

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