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Can you go a day or 2 or 3 or 4 with just juices and water?

 I would laugh when I would hear people "fast" or "cleanse" their insides by juicing and giving up solid, processed foods for a period of time. What a stupid diet and a ridiculous  thing to do to ones body and mind. Not eat for a few days?  Dumb.  What benefit, other than a quick and temporary loss of weight would that accomplish?  Then it dawned on me as daily fatigue, and an addiction to caffeine and carbs (like most middle age men) started taking its toll.

As I end my 5 day juice journey and all the incredible physical benefits it provided, I realized this week was truly an exercise in  testing ones mental strength and emotional control. There were times I wanted to eat the kitchen cabinet and thought I saw Elvis in my soup but I made it to the finish line. That's when I realized the the double meaning of juice cleansing:

Control and make the insides of your life more important than the outside. Its all about cleaning up your act from within and that true happiness and performance consistency is all about inside-outside thinking.

Discipline is the key to everything. We can choose what thoughts and feelings (and food) we select each day. We can be slaves to our old habits of unhealthy food and sloppy thoughts our decide that our food and thought selection are choices.

Food, like events in your life  that can derail you, are choices. You can choose to be under control or be at the whim of outside forces and fast food that  don't exist unless you allow them to.

Every day is a collection of managing and listening to your thoughts and making decisions from the soul. The end result is either an overweight and tired body or an energetic, healthy soul with emotional clarity and an inside of cleanliness.

The next time you want to take your emotional control and level of discipline to another level, think about the double benefit of a week long (or to start off one day) cleansing of your stomach... and soul.

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