End of school year. Time to chill and drill this Summer.

No, it's not New Years and we aren't preaching resolutions. You can have your cake and eat it too this summer by Chilling and Drilling for the next three months. 


Sleep late.

Net flix marathon.

Sleep late.

Stay out late.

Spend a whole day lost in Snapchat or Instagram.

Do nothing and find incredible satisfaction in just being alone with you. 

Sleep on the beach or in the forest with your friends, or the new ones you just made.

Spend a day eating food that is so bad for you but is so good to you. 


Gain or lose 10 lbs. 

Depends on where you are. 

Read a book or a newsfeed that expands your brain cells and makes you appear wordly.

Commit to a fitness program or wellness plan that will be obvious to all by the end of summer. 

Work at a job that pays and allows you to practice the three most important traits you'll ever need; writing, talking and problem solving. 

Find quiet time daily and listen to your heart beat. Practice open focus regularly and look at nothing and see everything. 

Smile and laugh like a toddler more often than frowning and taking life too seriously. 

Let everyone else worry about the future (job, grades, career change) and be the prince or princess of the Present. 

Reconnect with a broken or faded relationship. 

Not to apologize or rehash but simply to smile and reminisce. 

Reunite with the greatest and most powerful force on the planet that will reinvigorate your Fall season. Figure out what that is.

Don't look too far...

Chill and drill this Summer. You can do both!

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