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Ocular Control. The first team to visually relax wins.

You've heard it a thousand times.

The first team to relax typically has an advantage over their opponent. No matter what sport you play or position, your eyes will set the tone for the rest of your muscles that need to engage during your performance.

Like a computer that needs a reboot, these easy eye openers can only help reset the picture and let the eyes and brain reconnect!

Follow these 4 rules that will help control your "windows" and subsequently the rest of your muscles during game performances:

Bug to reset - make your eyes as big and wide as possible as if you saw a 10 ft monster.

Squeeze to please - close your eyes for 1 second and reopen.

Count your blinks- slowly blink and feel your eyes get washed and touched by your eyelids

Heartbeats- listen to yourself breathe and feel the inhale and exhale of your heart through your eyes.

MA me - Look around and see/feel and be the space that surrounds you. Make what is in between two focus points your primary attention. Space matters!!

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