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Visual reminders to win the battle. 17, 10 and O.

We all have heard how hitting is about making adjustments to the situation and what the pitchers strategy and strengths are at a given time.  Making significant physical adjustments in the middle of an at bat (slight relocation within the batters box doesn't count) isn't  the answer for most hitters. 

Remember the 3 visual markers you can always "reset"within an at bat to reboot the brain and the eyes:

17 inches. Home plate is 17 inches (sometimes the umpires eyes make it 20!). 

Look down at the front of the plate and imagine/draw a line in your minds eye right to the pitchers release point.  The brain and its most noticeable part, the eyes, sometimes need a reminder as to where the start and finish line are. 

10 feet. The Go zone for high speed strike recognition is about 10 feet in front of home plate. 

It is the distance that once the ball is crossed, most mortal hitters can not change their decision to swing or barrel control if they decide to swing. Gaze out to the 10 foot go zone in front of the plate and remark in your minds eye when decision time to process as much information as possible has to be made. 

O. Not zero but the letter O. As in open focus. 

Reset the at bat with a soft, easy non-judgmental gaze at the pitcher and her surrounding background. No different than the 

pleasure scan you give a sunset, mountain tops or ocean view, let your eyes be free and easy and let the slow scanning take in the scenery. Don't worry when ball flight is about to happen, your eyes know where to go!

Practice your resets in BP and in your hitting drills so that your "reset " button is ready to go come crunch time. 

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