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Beat the Rush. Your New Years Reboot starts today.

We all know the percentage of people who break their New Years Resolution by the middle of January.

Last report was about 85% couldn't get through the month with their new game plan.

Beat the odds this year and follow the three golden rules of SNH (Sticking to New Habits).

Keep it Real. You will not lose 20 lbs. in a week unless you tie your jaws shut. Have a sense of realism and simply manage one day at a time better with your new eating habits, portion control or moving your glutes frequently. Win the day. That's it. Set yourself up to win with mini-victories each day. Skip dessert, double your walking steps, lessen your time scrolling. Baby steps eventually become the game changers! When tempted, pause for a second and ask yourself if the piece of cake, donut or extra slice of pizza is critical for your existence.

See your Why. If you can't visualize or write down the end game (financial improvement, relationship garbage, sleep habits) your brain has no finish line to see. New habits and long term success have to be programmed into your mind before starting the journey. Much has been written as to how many days you need to change a habit. Experts say anywhere from 10 to 66 days may be needed. BS. One Day. Change the habit for one day. Then do it again. Screw up on day 3 and start over again the next day. One Day is the mindset needed to roll through the calendar.

Create Space in your Thoughts to action loop.

"Between Stimulus and response there is Space. In that Space is our power to choose response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom". Victor Frankel psychologist. Put another way, pause briefly when temptation and old thoughts are prompting you to act. The Space you make before acting gives the brain time to go to your new Plan B!

Enjoy 2023. Get ready for setbacks, failures and old habits that beat you. For one day!


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