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Before game got analyzed,Varied terms for performance problems

Those of you that remember putting on your play clothes after school and going outside to play in the neighborhood until it got dark or until your mother called you from the front porch to come in for dinner, will have to teach this generation of how it used to be:

Launch angle "Hey Billy you dumb ass, stop grounding out."

Sequencing "Stop looking so awkward, you're embarrassing us."

Mental Skills training "Grow a pair, please."

Overload training "Lets use the water logged balls today."

Long Toss "5 bucks whoever can break Old Man Jones front window."

Sport Specific training "Lets play hoops this morning and stick ball later."

Speed work "Lets go play with the bees nest and see who can avoid getting stung."

Dynamic Balance "First one to fall into the creek is the loser."

Multi-angle throwing "Who wants to skip rocks in the lake today"?

Pitch recognition "Swing at strikes before you get picked last for the next game!"

Embrace technology but never lose sight of the fact that drills and data are only as good as the end results and your players ability to understand it.


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