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Building Bridges and Tunnels to weather the Storm!

Bad weather, gusty winds, choppy waves, deep, dark oceans. We all face these occurrences during competition and life. Take time today to start the construction of your two most important skills.

Building bridges and tunnels during the calmness of training will allow for a smooth ride when the stressors of the game develop. Examples of bridges and tunnels include rap chats ( self-talk) visual reboots (squeeze or blinks) and best flix (your own personal video highlight).

Lost? Find your MAP; mood, approach and plan check -ins). Mapping between pitches requires a trigger word, image or action to process calmy during performance gaps.

Rather than praying for nice weather, create and use the bridge and tunnels during practice to access during the games bumpy roads.

Check the Table of Contents of my book "Beyond the Ball" for a complete list of bridges and tunnels!


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