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Can you COPE with the best of them?

Coping with life and performance events are the underbelly to the Mental toughness profile we all aspire to improve upon.

Profiling some of the character traits and coping habits of elite performers reveals the following:

C for CURIOUS. The more we stay curious the more we are in solution mode and feel as if the challenge or obstacle is one thought change away from being removed. Curiosity breeds hope and immediately brings you into fix the problem thinking.

O for OPTIMISM. A no brainer on this one. He who looks at setback and temporary failure as feedback to learn and searches for the good in all events always wins the prize! Optimism is a character trait of the emotionally rich and famous.

P for PERSPECTIVE. Stop and look around and digest all the events,circumstances and tragedy that others are dealing with while you deal with your own problems that may seem insurmountable but on reflection pales to the woes of others.

E for ENERGY. Life Source, Spirit, Soul, Mojo, Love, God. Call it what you will. The internal fire and spark that needs refueling at times but what allows humans to more than just physically exist. Reset your energy with daily meditation, prayer or reconnecting with your heartbeat.

When life or the game gets you anxious, reconnect with the 4 blocks of COPE!

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