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Happy Habits: How good is your Good?

We know we are all creatures of habit. Past performance and past behavior many times, predict the future.

Sadly, this is the trajectory for most.

Sloppy thoughts, slave to the past, fast-forwarding fretting, sloppy eating, and time waste skills.

The list is endless.

Happy comes in many forms: energy, curiosity, awareness, appreciation, humor, and love.

Awareness and intention begin the dismantling of the habits that rob us of happiness.

The Happy Habit project is one real thought away for all of us:

  • Happy is a choice that starts with a decision to be happy.

  • No more excuses. Starts with Sleep, Eat and Move changes.

  • No one is coming to rescue you. Be an active participant in your own makeover.

  • Time is one's most precious commodity.

  • Impress yourself more than others.

  • Success is not measured by wealth or position but by peace of mind.

  • Find real appreciation in what you have now, as hard as that is.

  • It starts in the morning with a declaration out loud that expresses your shift to Happy.

  • Thoughts are options. Choose the ones that fuel the feelings and emotions that drive you to happiness.

Once you realize happiness comes before success,

You are on your way to Big League Happy Habits.


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