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Mental Wealth starts with one Daily Habit.

We are flooded with the latest, greatest advice on how to combat the mental health crisis going on in the world today.

From medication to meditation, we have so many choices thrown at us to reduce our anxious, depressed, fearful state of minds.

Mental illness is a serious ailment and for some, a supervised treatment from medical professionals is a must. Diagnosis early and often is crucial to give patients the chance to live a productive and happy life.

For the majority of the world, gaining mental wealth starts with addressing the sleep-deprived and motionless daily habits too many of us share. We all know the benefit of getting adequate sleep (7-9 hours) and how exercise, or lack thereof, leads to a variety of illnesses. Yet, most of the adult population in the U.S fail to get sufficient sleep and lack daily activity to get the heart pumping and endorphins spraying!

Premise.. No one is coming to rescue you from your present condition. Not your spouse, friend, or fitness coach. Its all you. Stop waiting to be motivated by an outside source. Life changing habits start with a need and a choice. Decide to change and know that the need is real before you fall further down the mental health rat hole.

Get to sleep earlier. Start slow and work in 20 minute intervals so in a few weeks you are sleep ready two hours earlier than before. Please stop with the excuses as to why going to bed earlier isn't possible. If sleep and rest effect mood, energy level and clarity of thought ( which it does) then make it a priority starting tomorrow. Newsflash. Stop eating and stuffing your face in the evening as this messes with your brains ability to make sleep a priority. Disconnect with the phone earlier in the night; your fake friends on social media can wait for your swipes until morning!

Walk, move, stretch. A little more each day. Buy a cheap sport watch and commit to X steps a day. Before laying down on couch, lay down on the floor and stretch or flash back to your youth when you did push-ups and sit-ups for fun!

Ever hear of the 5AM Club (book by Robin Sharma)? Google it and read it and see how you can transform your daily routines and learn how to run your day instead of your day running you into the ground.

Remember this formula. M+ MS +ER


Mood plus Mindset plus Emotional Regulation is a function of Quality of Sleep.

Don't mess with this mental wealth formula.

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