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Mood matters. Inside-out living and playing.

Mindset, meditation, peak performance.

The most overused and misapplied concepts in the mental skills world.

Consider the following concepts from The Path of No Resistance author Garret Kramer:

  • Your experience does not create state of mind. State of mind creates your experience.

  • Attempting to fix a predicament and feeling worse? That's because you're trying to fix something that once your mind settles wont exist.

  • You're under no obligation to treat the thoughts that pop into your head as true.

  • If performance results ( stats, awards,) matter to you more than the overall experience of being alive- both will suffer.

There's no connection between performance excellence and positive thinking.

Stop trying to find a state of no thought by adding thought!

  • There is a direct connection between peace of mind and unnoticed thinking ( a state of no thought).

  • Human beings are at their best when the intellect shuts off and insights and energy have room to flow.

So here's the simple formula. Mood effects how you deal with the thousands of random, good and negative thoughts that float through your brain every day. The thoughts you decide to battle, accept or ignore affects your feelings. Your feelings then effect your emotional state which effects your performance.

Example. Panic and Anxiety. Comes from a feeling of nervousness and insecurity, which comes from thoughts from the past or thoughts linked to the future. Mood was angry and external. Mood effects the thoughts you grab onto or simply let pass that creates Feelings/Emotions that affects Performance outcome.

So Mood is the first piece of the Peace Chase.

So consider these Mood foods to help you start the performance formula:

Mood is grateful

Mood is happy

Mood is no-thing

Mood is thankful

Mood is internal

Mood is peaceful

Mood is appreciation

Mood is perspective

Mood is kindness

Mood is fearless

Mood is love.


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