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Proper ID is required in 2022.

Attention: Athletes and Adults. Children and Seniors.

New ID cards will be issued as we ring in the New Year.

They will be mandatory for all that plan to interact with others and fully "live" in 2022.

ID... I Decide:

who I allow to be my friend.

what and when to eat.

when to and how long I should sweat.

how long I sleep.

how much time to spend on social media.

how I feel about myself.

how I react to tough situations.

what my grades in school will be.

what level of an athlete I want to be.

who's opinions matters to me.

what drains I will flush out of my life.

how grateful I am for the life I have.

how often I will laugh and smile before bedtime.

what mood I will be in each morning.

what thoughts I discard as not real.

what time zone I will live in (the present).

what thoughts I act on and which ones i discard.

what is real and what is made up in my head.

what past experiences will no longer effect my today.

I decide.


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