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Stay Curious. Life's best channel.

I spent the last year watching a friend, a dad and a husband battle a terrible disease.

At the end of each visit, my good-bye words were always the same; Stay Curious, John.

He would smile, nod his head and then look at me with a sense of peacefulness that only someone with tremendous faith could show. John stayed curious and courageous to the end as his conviction to his Maker grew stronger and his hope to walk again endured.

Stay Curious. To my friend John, it was a message of hope and optimism as his health failed.

For all of us, the message of staying curious puts our attention on what could be and provides us with a sense of hope for the future. We all struggle, at times, getting stuck in the past. Stay Curious is a bridge to the excitement and hope tomorrow provides all of us.

Stay Curious is the brother term for growth mindset; the desire to continue to learn and explore life and "new stuff" with eagerness and enthusiasm. As children, our curiosity is plentiful, as we get older, curiosity, at times, becomes a challenge.

For John, staying curious gave him hope and soothed his pain at times. For all of us, we need to stay curious about life and continue to embrace change. As young children teach us, curiosity is a way of life that we all need more of as we grow.


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