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The 5 am Club: BS or a Game Changer?

Much has been written recently about the "Get up early, workout, meditate, journal time" recommended by experts.

I use the term experts loosely; how about those that already know the beauty of getting shit done while the rest of the world sleeps.

So why join the cool 5 am Club? I will give you my 3 reasons that don't require expert status:

1. Shut your mouth. You get to stop eating later in the evening ( no later than 7 pm) if you go to bed before 9:30 pm, which is a must for the 5 am club! Do the math. The fewer calories put in your body, the better you will sleep and feel the next day. A 9:30 shutdown also reduces your TV and phone scrolling time which can only add to your learning that there's a real world outside of your screens.

2. Move it or lose it. Walking, stretching, running, and lifting early in the day have a great effect on your mood, appetite, and waistline. Before the excuse of "I don't have time" comes up, make your health a priority. While others struggle to find me-time in the evening, your early-rise habit allows for more family or fun time.

3. 1440. The number of minutes in a day. Get your 7 hours of sleep and start living the life you keep saying you don't have time for. Joining the special 5 am club gives you the time to read and execute all the self-help books you have been reading.

Baby Steps. If you can't immediately join the 5 o'clock time slot, gradually work your way into changing your bedtime. Know that once you have changed your internal clock, being in the special Club will be automatic!

Perhaps the best part of joining the 5 am club is that you have demonstrated the single most admirable trait of happy and successful people; Discipline. The D-word is the gateway to improving your career, lifestyle, and sense of worth as you join the very few people that rise and shine before the rest of the world.


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