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The NIKE rule in Life and Sports

Procrastination, Forgetful, Lazy. We all, at times, are guilty as charged.

Be it in the classroom, weight room, living room or conference room,

the "I will get to it later or not now" plagues of all us in our 1440

Clock management of life (1440 minutes in a day for those who are curious!).

A quick and permanent fix awaits!

As soon as the "thing to do" enters your merry go round of thoughts, ask yourself:

If the do/task/thing/chore/can be done within a few minutes, just do it now.

Old habits die hard but awareness of the bad habit and a new response trigger is the key to change:


Is (the)

Key (to)


Nike made millions on the Just Do it mantra. You can save millions of minutes in your lifetime and get stuff done sooner so you can do the things you say you don't have time for now.

Finish the workout, get off the couch, put the phone down ,tackle the tough assignment. NIKE is the key.

Think and say Swwwwish (the Nike logo) the next time your old procrastination/lazy self appears

and go Nike the task!


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