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When is Enough enough? Growth Mindset turned Info Overload.

The Convention season is over in the Baseball and Softball world and its time to get ready for the season.

As both a presenter and a listener at events, I have to remind myself and others the following Rules:

Let the new information digest for a few days before the new concept, cue or drill rocks your world.

Don't be fooled by logos and pretty presentations.

Listening to someone on a stage doesn't make all that they believe and present the gospel.

Does the new info align with your core beliefs? Unless you were way down the wrong rathole on a topic, don't do a complete reversal with the "new stuff" you just ingested.

Question the Science. Just because they use fancy words and relied on studies from a "science guy" doesn't make the content the absolute holy grail. For every scientist that they say supports their theory, a handful of other scientists can be found to refute the study. Look for peer review, third party publications and potential conflict of interests with the "experts" that espouse a product or service.

Explainable to your most stubborn player! If you can't explain it in language and cues that players can understand, don't share it. Take the time to personalize the new stuff so that others can understand it without you showing off with the big words and technical language that it was your job to filter and reword. The master teacher takes the complex and creates words, images and feelings for his students to embrace and own.

Stay Curious, Grow in knowledge, Read on a daily basis. Embrace the Science.

Challenge the self -proclaimed experts. Questioning, filtering and rejecting at times

what we hear and read is truly the core skill set of a growth mindset!


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