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You need a daily dose of Selfies!

The fake smile with your own phone is great for the outside world but Selfies (self-hypnosis) are the ultimate daily activity to improve performance and overall mental wealth.

Self-hypnosis. It sounds crazy and something out of a scary movie. Quite the opposite. Self-hypnosis (Selfies) involves being highly focused and absorbed while giving yourself positive suggestions to change behavior. Hypnosis is actually a normal state that we enter many times each day; we become engrossed in a great book or caught up in a movie where time passes effortlessly. Simply put, Selfies are the practice in learning how to focus and motivate yourself while in a relaxed state of consciousness. Think about Selfies as the cousin to Daily Meds (meditation/quite time each day) in that you are simply adding a suggestion to a part of your life in which you hope to initiate a mental shift.

Ready to take a Selfie? Find a quiet place and sit or lay down. Loosen any clothes that are tight and avoid Selfies after a full meal. Start by listening to your slow breathing and then feel each major muscle group in your body become relaxed as you melt into the chair or floor. In this focused and relaxed state of hypnosis, you can pay deeper attention to the suggestions you want to give yourself during and after your Selfie time.

Select your Selfie talk and with conviction and calmness, repeat the words to yourself in your minds eye.

Examples of Selfie talk include...."I am at peace... I will be healthy... I will quit smoking... I will play with freedom and no thought...I will enjoy speaking in public... I will embrace change in my life... When you wake up or as you begin to fall asleep, Selfies are an effective practice to connect and tweak your subconscious thoughts.

There are no time constraints on Selfies. Stay in the internal conversation with yourself for as long as you want. Use images to give the words added meaning if needed. Watch your tone of voice with yourself as the tone and sincerity of your voice is just as important as the words you have chosen.

Taken every day, Selfies become a healthy habit as you seek to stay internal in your challenges with the outside world clutter.

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