Tony’s Visual Psychology model integrates the visual and emotional pieces of performance.

Topics to include:

  • Understanding Open Focus  and the difference between  Fine and Soft Focus

  • Ball tracking and visual search strategies of the elite players

  • Visual hitting models and drills to prepare your team for actual game speed

  • Introduction to Space and how it effects timing and strike zone awareness

  • Vision and its effect on pitchers control and Defense

  • Improving emotional control by visual adjustments

Lecture/ presentation followed by on-field instruction and activities all in compliance with NCAA rules governing outside consultants.  1 or 2 day training options. Team Skype follow up also available.

Corporate Workshops with Tony Abbatine.j

As a former NY state prosecutor, College professor, world class performance coach  and CEO of a  national company, Tony’s insight and level of presentation will be unmatched.  Select from a variety of interactive topics:

  • How Visual Leadership trumps all other leadership models

  • Managing the I Generation

  • Why Self-help books and performance coaches don’t work!

  • Why high-level athletes and top leaders share one common trait: The three tiers of Discipline.

  • What really motivates the workforce:  Passion,Peace and Pay

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As a former high school and college coach and college professor, Tony’s ability to engage and convey life skills through sports is industry best.

Age appropriate topics through interactive lectures related to confidence, self-esteem  and coping skills on the field and in the classroom.

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