Pitching Delivery: Balance Is A Velocity Killer

Your Delivery Should Never Be Individual Pieces Balance. It is the ultimate velocity killer and one of the biggest reasons pitchers develop injuries. I have had the privilege to learn from and study the deliveries of some of the greatest pitchers in the game during my assignments with MLB teams. Mariano Rivera, perhaps the greatest pitcher in our lifetime, has been our pitching model since we filmed and presented our "Calm before the Storm" pitching video with him in 2001. It has become the most watched pitching video on the market. The next time your son's pitching coach does balance drills such as "stop in the middle of your windup" or "pause to catch a ball while pitching and then throw,"

The Two-Hip Hitting Myth

Stop turning your hips in the swing After 20 years in the business of player development and having worked for five Major League baseball teams, countless college softball and baseball teams and having conducted training sessions from Japan to Dubai - one major "skill killer" still exists in mainstream teaching of hitting. "Turn your hips." Think of how many times we have told players to do this, with the hope of helping them become better hitters. We now have a generation of hookers and spinners who have hit a wall when pitchers start throwing off-speed or throw the ball on the outside part of the plate. Sound hitting skills requires a combination of weight transfer (linear movement) and ro

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