Are pitching coaches killing the American Fastball?

Traditional pitching coaches are hurting young arms and killing the American fastball. Injuries are up at the youth level and velocity continues to go down at the amateur level. If your pitching coach is telling you to stay back, be balanced, keep your shoulders straight and don’t move your head, run away or expect to be average in a few years, at best. If your well-intended coach or the hundreds of former players that share their opinion based on folklore are telling you that weighted balls are bad for HS level players and that long toss is 100 feet, beware! Take a look at Mariano Rivera and the pitching program taught at Frozen Ropes. Notice the uniform he is in and the movements he is mak

Save Baseball and add a CLOCK!

MLB news this week saw the big boys finally realize speed of play and downtime is not good for the game. Let's take it to the next level and bring the clock into the amateur level. This was a concept I introduced to college baseball decades ago when former MLB Commissioner Bowie Kuhn and I were hired by college baseball! 12-second clock: From the time the catcher receives the ball from the pitcher on a pitched ball, the defensive team has 12 seconds for the pitcher to put the next ball back in play. First time-warning, second time- the batter receives a ball in the count. 40-second rule: Transition time from the last recorded out of the inning to the time the hitter has to be ready to hit an

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