The gift of a lifetime; Running Speed

Throw away the ladders and cones! Every sport coverts speed. Spring speed, change of direction, acceleration, you name the sport, speed is cool! Three must moves to develop speed: You want your child or yourself to get faster? Don’t follow the norm of certain agility and speed experts that would have you believe there is magic in ladders, cones and jogging. 1. Change the way you walk: Walk on the balls of your feet and understand that the ground is the enemy! Walk with a strong posture with a slight lean and make sure you are first striking the ground with the balls of your feet before peeling on to the heels. You walk all day so a slight change in improved foot placement, posture and les

Travel Team Mania: What's best for your child? Three Simple Rules!

With the explosion of baseball and softball travel teams, players and parents have more options today than ever before in selecting a team that fits that child. Get real and have realistic goals: What's your end game? If it's about making the big leagues, get real. If your son is that good, they will find him! Select a travel team that will allow your child to accomplish his short term goal of being a Little League All-star, make a modified team or start on the school varsity team by his or her sophomore year. The younger the player, the more emphasis should be focused on skill development and tactical (learning game situations) skills. Winning is great, but evaluate your son or daughter'

Give your softball daughter a chance to excel: 5 strategies that work

1. Intro to strength and Speed at an early age: Have your daughter fall in love at an early age... with getting stronger and faster than her girlfriends and boy classmates. Enroll her in a speed or strength class that is age appropriate and will challenge her beyond her gym class activity. Females mature faster than boys (both physically and emotionally). By the time your daughter turns 13, her movement patterns and strength and speed thresholds will be place. Don’t wait - plenty of sprinting, weight training and cardio is a must to become an above average HS softball player and beyond! 2. Get her away from rec friends by age 13: If your daughter is the best player on her team, find her

Ass or Asset to your child?

We have all witnessed first hand the good, the bad and the ugly in sports parenting. Whether you are a player or a parent, take the test below and see if you (or your parent) are an ass or an asset. Are you an ass or an asset? Click here to take our quiz! #sportsparenting #baseball #softball #brainday

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