Travel Baseball For High School Players: Shotgun or Rifles?

Travel Baseball for HS players Shot gun or Rifles? Whether it's college exposure camps, premium tournaments or playing on the "select" teams, parents believe it will increase their son or daughter's chances at a college scholarship. And it has become the Holy Grail in travel ball now. Instead of taking the shotgun approach in the process, a more narrow and focused strategy will make your life less stressful and your child's experience much more efficient. News flash to all parents: Stop the madness, stress and additional dollars you are spending on chasing colleges. It won’t help. Instead of parading to tournaments and endless showcases hoping someone likes your child, start with targetin

Take Selfies! Stop fatal cardio hitting

This time of year, players will start taking hitting lessons again from their "professional" hitting instructor. But, let's define professional. Most will charge you for their opinion on what they believe is important in the swing- based on their experience and interpretation. Many instructors will just toss balls to your player, with no progress, feedback or actual instruction. Repeated cardio hitting in a tunnel will not only keep your player from advancing, but can hurt their swing. There are three fundamental issues you need to be aware of when evaluating professional instruction and giving your son or daughter a chance to succeed: Cage success doesn’t equal game success. Many instructor

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