10 Tall Tales of Baseball

Before passing on well-intended advice to your child or team, understand that just because you were taught something in your heyday doesn't necessarily make it right! Read what some of baseball's best teachers recommend to the next generation of players as they challenge the most popular misadvice! 1. Bend Your Knees and Crouch Down in Your Hitting Stance: Young hitters who bend their knees excessively and "sit" in their stance distribute their weight on their heels. This causes their front foot (and eventually their head) to turn out. Starting too low in a crouch also forces hitters to raise up to their natural height during the swing which explains why most young hitters are under the base

Scope and Rope: A Visual Profile of Major League Hitters

Since 1992, our group has been interested in studying the differences between the visual functions of professional baseball players and the general population. Since that time, we have tested approximately 1500 players from the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Mets major and minor league systems. We tested each player with a series of visual function tests consisting of three main types: Visual Acuity (sharpness of vision), Stereo Acuity (depth perception) and Contrast Sensitivity (being able to pick a target out of a background). The Visual Function of Professional Baseball Players The results of visual acuity testing were most surprising. Certainly we felt that professional baseball player

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