Parents' Guidelines For Baseball & Softball College Recruiting

What every parent needs to know about the recruiting process and services and teams who prey on your anxiety. Follow these three simple guidelines and you will save yourself and your child's college account big dollars! 1. Academics rule. For every dollar you are paying for these overpriced exposure travel teams, spend the same amount on an SAT tutor or a math/English tutor. Your child doesn’t have to be a high honor roll student to receive significant amount of academic dollars from colleges. If you need to spend money, make sure your child's individual skills are moving in the right direction and colleges that eventually fit his/her academic profile are impressed. Baseball and Softball

How to fix the Little League enrollment problem facing the nation!

Over the last decade enrollment in Little League- America's pastime- has declined in most parts of the country. We can blame video games, lacrosse, soccer and the like, but unless we make wholesale changes soon, the greatest sports institution in America will continue to erode. Eliminate T Ball: The ball on a stick gig is boring and it's like watching wet paint dry at the T-ball level. One player hitting with 9-12 other players chasing the occasionally hit ball? Solution: Play a 5v5 Speed ball game. Divide the two full T-ball teams into four and they play an action-packed front toss hitting game where cones on the field keep players in their fielding lanes. A 3-second clock requires the fiel

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