Can you Rap...Chat?

I introduce to you RAP CHATS; One of the greatest Weapons of Mental Dominance (WMD's) we have as athletes and human beings. You ready to rap? Here go's! I am Sam and i can jam.. The name is Rocky and I am cocky... Jims the name and I play above the rim... Rap chats are personal powerful and positive phrases you build and access when you need that quick pep talk ( right before the oral class presentation or in the on deck circle). Instead of letting self doubt, fear driven, negative BS play in your internal I pod, build your playlist with simple, powerful, process-driven rap chats that become your go to weapon in battle. Some rap chat examples I can do this, I'm a super hero. I'm bad ass Mi

Bad thoughts, crap results.

Positive Thoughts and a clear prepared mindset always precede new behavior. The problem is not your swing or arm. Shit thoughts, crap results. Spend your next practice on your pre-action mindset. Results won't change unless you clean up your pre action thinking. The mind is a powerful tool but easily fooled.  It doesn't know the difference between make believe and reality. Make your BE!

Ready Set Go...1440 times today to get it right.

You have 1440 minutes in a day, (60 minutes in an hour times 24 hours in case you failed 5th grade math!) You need more time to study? Disconnect from your I phone and the social media world for a longer periods of time and see how much more time you are buying for uninterrupted study or work. You need more time to practice your sport or work on a big project? Commit to a certain time that no matter what, you will make that a priority. At this exact time, I will get this done. Getting stuff done is also a great sense of accomplishment and will get you a dose of endorphin which acts as an energy boost. In the 1440 opps you have daily, these are mandatory if you are on the verge of greatness:

Game time! Are you ready?

Two outs, bottom of the ninth and the bases are loaded. The crowd is loud and you are stepping to the plate. We have all been there before or in similar pressure situations. How do you let your talent shine and avoid having your performance sabotaged by nerves and anxiety? You need to ensure the following “Showtime” tools are in your tool box the next time you your heart rate climbs and your mind starts to wander! 1) THE POWER OF OXYGEN: Use a deep belly breath or a slow shrugging of the shoulders to relax your upper body. Remember calmness in and tension out as you take slow breathes in between pitches or prior to stepping into the batters box. Trying to hear yourself take slow, quiet bre


FEAR Taking down the enemy on and off the field. We all have them. We all have different ways of dealing with fear in our lives and during competition. Fear loses when you: FACE IT EMBRACE IT ATTACK IT RECOVER FROM IT

Ditch the Bitch

Complaining is an initial reaction to an undesirable situation or event is human nature. Or is it? Maybe to the humans that muddle through life blaming others and wallowing in self-pity. As athletes, bitching about bad calls, grumpy coaches, bus rides, umpire calls is the beginning of the end to achieving any level of success. I know everyone bitches and it's cool in a group to join in! Next time you want to start to Bitch or join in with your fellow complainers, take a moment and realize bitching is not a solution and may be your escape to do something you can control. Join the anti- bitch movement. It will feel good and keep you focused on your game plan.


FOPO powerful Too often, athletes get classified by coaches, recruiters, and scouts and even teammates as " not up to par" role player, great kid,but no talent". This branding of players may be the most influential reason why players give up, accept their fate or carry this opinion into other parts of their lives. Feedback and listening to constructive criticism is the trait of all champions. When someone else's opinion starts to define who you think you are and limits your desire to improve is a systemic problem in sports, both at the amateur and professional level. You tell a child over and over again he's bad, guess what? Bad becomes the boy! Tell an athlete he can't start or beco

The ground is the enemy; walk like a winner starting today.

Heavy Back packs and phone "hunching" have killed our posture and walking styles. First impressions start with your Disney ( super hero, bad ass character on net flix, pick one!) entrance into a classroom or interview! Head up and shoulders back: Feel 3 inches taller than you are to lengthen your spine and feel "big" and strong. Winners look like giraffes, losers look like camels! The ground is the enemy! Peel off the floor each time you take a step. Winners and track stars look the same as they float to the finish line with great foot rolls! Smile and hit it a mile. The Human smile forces the head up and jaw bones engaged, exactly what winners and high level athletes do as they cross the fi

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