Two strike hitting is the ultimate practice to be a winner  in life!

Those readers that don't play softball or baseball may have to really pay attention to this one. Whether you play or not, the best two strike hitting strategies will carry over to some big time success off the field: 1. Don't panic and enjoy the challenge. Two strike hitting, like life's challenges, are a game of trust. Trust your eyes and see the ball longer is like trusting your instincts and being patient in making big decisions. 2. Protect your house. Hitters are ready to barrel up any moving object near the 17 inches of their kingdom called home plate.  In life, no one screws with your self worth and the self love you need to thrive in the Batters box and in life. 3. Don't look the bitc

You're never alone when you inspire others...and yourself.

We live in a crazy world when at times, we all feel alone and distant despite the thousands of "social media" friends that live in our phones but not in our life. The best remedy for your own loneliness is a call or reach out to someone in your life that really needs to hear from you or someone who needs a message of hope and optimism. We all have that relative, friend or acquaintance we know has it "worse" than us. A double win by connecting and listening as  it will make you feel better yourself! Being your own best friend and friend to others is a constant challenge and hard work.  It starts with you choosing to feel a sense of self-worth and love for yourself and how cool it is to be you

Would you survive on a farm for one day? Manual labor for Millenniums.

I know it's not your gig. Manual labor and busting your butt with a shovel or your back is not something you do often. Besides the cross-training benefit of working with your hands and appreciating the spoiled life you have,  muscle labor gives you great motivation to complete your degree or better your career path so manual labor isn't a daily requirement to pay the bills. Milk a cow. Plow a field. Pick onions in a field Power lift things out of your closet and sprint to the garbage can. Anything that exerts physical strength and annoys you is the key! Nothing better than some non-gym sweat to reconnect you with nature and get those endorphins pumping! Rake leaves off a giant lawn. Sweep an

Make the call to the Mood Police.

Nearly all difficulties are our own making and are the result of wrong or confused thinking. Nellie Melsa, Legendary opera singer 1903 Woo Nellie. You hit it on the nail with that song! Before being handcuffed and taken away by the Mood police, prevent a crime and change your mood on a dime ( good rap chat there, crime - dime, get it?). It's your mood. You can turn it around by thinking positive, happy or focused thoughts, almost anywhere or anytime -in the morning, on the way to practice, in relationships, or walking onto the field. So how do successful people and performers do this?  What's the secret sauce to battle Mr./Mrs. bad mood: Top performers experience setbacks, fatigue, fear,stre

Nailing the big interview for your dream job...or any job!

Great professionally written resume. Community service. Previous employment. References. Catchy phrases like "I'm a people person, highly motivated, organized, time manager, dedicated. Blah Blah Blah.  Losers! Resumes are meaningless if you can't get the interview or don't have a contact or access to the decision makers. Ever hear the term, it's who you know not what you know?  Find a way to get that resume read and put on top of the pile early in the hunt! Clean up your social media accounts before heading into the job market. You've heard it before. If your grandma wouldn't like the content or pictures on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts, get them off. All employers hunt for di

Stop the story  and and write a new script!

Do you sometimes fall into these lame "this is my reality" thoughts to yourself: I always... I never ... I can't ... I should ... I suck ... I'm trying to ... One day ... So what's your story? What reality have you created in your brain that is preventing you from the life and success that sits just outside your self made excuses! Step one. Identify the story, mindset and obstacle you need to kick. Step two.  A daily dose of rap chats (self talk)  should be like vitamins; everyday and extra dosage when needed! Catch yourself next time you start with the sad sack, pity me, own worst enemy chatter and replace it with your own kick ass feel good rap chat lyrics that are up for a Grammy music aw

Magic Monday. Reset and get it right this week!

Okay so you never got past January 15th with your New Years Resolutions. The " need to do and change " priortities and the great blogs you have been reading here are really cute but the messages and weapons haven't shown up yet on a daily basis. Magic Monday. Fresh start and a perfect time to go from " thoughts to action" today. Don't tackle the worlds problems and your issues all at once.  No more than three to go after today and let's see if this time you commit to it and make thoughts become actions which eventually become your routine. A few samplings to make Monday more magical than Disney world: Sleep and eat. You skimp on those two and you are headed to loserville quickly. Find time t

A daily dose of ALPHA! The ultimate wave to ride today.

"In the pursuit of knowledge, every day something is added. In the practice of meditation, everyday something is dropped. Tao Te Ching Before you fly off to Tibet to learn from the Monks and Zen masters, a quick lesson in how to experience a Staycation ( a vacation without leaving your home or office) is in order.  Here we go. Don't get overwhelmed with the basic science class first! Brain waves. Measured by an EEG. (Bonus blog points if you can remember and spell Electroencephalogy). Human brain waves come in 4 major categories: Beta Alpha Theta Delta Remember all of them if you want to appear smart when you are hanging with some of your nerd friends. For today, we are locked into Alpha tim

Look like a loser and you become one. Win before you start!

You have one chance to make a first impression. We've all heard that before but how true it is on the ballfield and the corporate boardrooms every day. The Fab 4 in winning before the game starts Own it every day and watch the admirers grow: 1. Walk like you are floating on air. Like we tell our sprinters, " the ground is the enemy". An upright posture with a heads up shoulders back bad ass look will intimidate the pitcher and make your co-workers  think you just walked out of a casting audition for the next Superhero movie! 2.  Losers frown and their facial nothingness makes them look ready for a zombie role in Walking Dead.  Winners have life in their eyes, smile like a Hollywood starlet a

How Michelangelo and Manny see the world!  No look seeing!

Artists and athletes have more in common than you think! Whether you are one of the greatest painters or hitters  in the world, how you see and view the world is an art in and of itself. We are all missing out on a lot of visual masterpieces by focusing hard and looking for specific "things" in our daily viewing. I introduce to you Open Focus! Open Focus is the way to look at nothing and see everything. I know it sounds crazy, stay with me and I'll explain! Open focus ( how your eyes and mindset are working when you are sitting on the beach watching the ocean waves and faraway boats or a gorgeous sunset set on the nearby mountain range) allows our eyes to be automatically drawn to that part

World Premiere of FOPO.

What started out as a discussion at a recent WMD ( weapons of mental dominance) camp has turned into a national rallying cry. FOPO (. F--k or forget, Other people's opinion) is about you taking control of your self-esteem and perception of yourself.  FOPO is a mindset and attitude that puts you back in control of your thoughts and actions.  FOPO is self love; the holy grail of high performers! Smile more and giggle often today as FOPO Power spreads throughout the world.

Are you an Ass or an Asset to yourself.... and others?

Hear it all the time in the sports and biz world. He's his own worst enemy. She just beats herself up all the time. He's a head case. She is out of control. He's a perfectionist. It's a simple choice: Your mindset can be your greatest tool in performance and everyday life or the enemy that restricts your growth as a player and person and eventually gets you back on the bench or fired in real life. Will your thoughts and mindset be an asset or an ass to you today? The classic phrase, Attitude is a decision says it all. Each day, each game we have a conscious choice to bring optimism, trust and true belief into our tasks. Only with preparation and hard work   (as in the rap chats, best flixs a

Forget Netflix...Your  new power Channel is BestFlix.

Stop watching reruns of Walking Dead and Pretty Little Liar and start producing and watching your own video masterpieces.! Call it what you want; visualization, imagery, rehearsal, daydreaming, your ultimate weapons of mental dominance are BestFlix! The brain doesn't know the difference between reality and imagination. Explains why you woke up in the middle of the night with your chest pounding, sweating and convinced there was an ax murderer under your bed. Whether you are taking batting practice, rehearsing your opening statement or "seeing" the best way to break up with your annoying boyfriend, it's time for Best Flix: 5 simple steps to making an Academy award Best Flix: Quiet time.  Befo

Lead the  World ...or yourself. The only 4 traits you need!

Having read every Leadership book, attended too many executive leadership workshops and still trying to be a better leader, I realized all the fancy theories and traits of the best leaders in every industry come down to 4 simple actions: L =  LISTEN Talk less and listen more at the right time. Real listening skills requires a complete dedication to the other person.  Next Level learning comes from those who find info and facts from others. It's also a great way to develop trust and show compassion to others. E= ENERGY If you can't get fired up about something, don't expect the herd to follow. Energy ( excitement) is contagious. It also gives the impression you know what the heck you are talk

Live like the Seven Dwarfs! Sleep eat and be Merry.

Maybe Snow Whites posse had it right. Anxiety is at an all-time high on  college campuses across the country.  Even students in high school now face more "stress" to keep up their grades and social stature like no other generation. No magic bullet to live stress and anxiety free. Actually, a little bit of both gets your butt out of bed to go to class or work and finish the project due today that may get you fired or fail a class! Let's Find a little a Disney each day: Sleep rules. Hands down ( or whole body down)!  You skimp on rest, you risk a multitude of other daily problems. You have no shot of having big league coping skills of life's daily BS, if you think a 5 hour sleep cycle is the k

Belly buttons and Focus; Are you an Innie or an Outie!

Belly buttons. We all have them. Some of us have belly buttons that are outside looking and others have belly buttons that protrude in. Not much you can do at this point to change that unless you have silly money for a plastic surgeon! Focus for athletes needs to stay inside. By paying attention to their inner thoughts and focusing on their mindset and emotional meter, The game become easier to control and result oriented thinking ( outties) is eliminated. Big games, runners on base, bases loaded situations live in the outtie world. We don't think throw strikes or got to get a hit , all outside focus that sabatoges our performance. To compete at your highest level, your focus must stay int

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