When in doubt or fearful, remember what the S in Superman stands for!

Too bad we all don't have super powers to access throughout the day in dealing with life and athletic challenges.  The best we can do is borrow the S from Clark Kent turned Superman when the heat gets turned up in life and on the playing field is to believe in the S: Sing is the thing. If you look closely Superman has ear buds in as he listens to his favorite pump up, kick butt, destroy the villain song. Replace doubt and wandering thoughts with a song and its lyrics and rhythm that absolutely convinces you that the situation you face is but a mere pimple on the universe you own and control. No need for an iPod, play the song in your head anytime you want. Smile like a child. Tough to be afr

Do you really have friends,  visitors and BFF's?

Social media has made it so easy to increase our network of friends and stay connected 24/7.  We share pics and stories and make new friends and "like" others with a simple click. We can find a stranger and follow them in the blink of an eye. Texting and group chats gives us access and a cyber voice whenever we want.  Technology will only get better in shrinking the world and allowing all us to view, comment and make even more friends in the middle of the night. As we  I - tech into the next decade, let's remind ourselves and our real friends and contacts, the golden rules in relationships: 1. If you wouldn't hug them in person, there not  really your friends. 2. If you don't know the color

There's no such thing as the BIG game. The secret recipe all elite teams and players use!

Regionals, sectionals, World Series, championship games. The big games that we all dream about playing in..... and winning! Some teams and players seem more relaxed, focused and ready for the big moment. Other teams wilt under the self induced pressure of what they perceive to be the BIG game. Here's the menu to choose from the next time you and your team think it's a Big game: Starts at the top. Coaches and seniors demonstrate the same calmness and ho hum attitude as if the big game was your first scrimmage in the Fall.  More talk and reminders about  sticking to your same approach and mindset that got you to the big dance rather than rambling on about the opponent or the need to win. First

The 3 biggest mistakes parents and athletes make in the college selection process.

Every season we see the same pattern of behavior that derails so many players chances of finding a good fit to continue their sport at the college level. Can you and your parents handle the truth?  Here we go: 1. I'm an all-star, all region, hit .400 my junior year. Who cares. College coaches aren't interested in local accolades that have no relevance to the hundreds of other players they are evaluating. Do you have the technical skills to play at the next level? That's it. In baseball, can you hit or run fast, hit with power or play defense like a vacuum cleaner. Can you pitch 85 mph? Players stop improving their techincal skills once they make a high school team thinking that their skills

Slow life and the Game down. The habits of the best athletes and people we know.

Lebron, Michael Jordan, Michael Phelps, Derek Jeter, the William sisters. A few names of athletes we enjoy watching who  "steal time" and slow time down to their advantage in the fast paced world they all play in! Stop and smell the roses. We hear that often as a reminder to enjoy each day and more accurately, each passing moment we never get back.  The "rich" people ( not money rich) appreciate the little things each day and are so wrapped up in the simple littke moments each day offers. They truly understand and live by the credo; Every day is a present to unwrap and cherish. Let's get back to the " time stealing" athletes who play, see, feel and look different than their opponents. What c

If today was your last practice or game what would be different?

You ever wonder how much more enjoyable and better you would play if your mindset had it scheduled as your final appearance in your sport or activity. With no anticipation or fear of tommorow,  play becomes easy and pure enjoyment of every minute is like a drug you can't get enough of (endorphins rule)! Players are always told to play in the moment and play worry free. Easier said then done but focused attention to the following will help: Your farewell game would have more smiles than frowns. People watching would notice a glow or a flow to all of your movements Your favorite playlist of kick ass songs would be heard throughout your head all games. You would notice how time has slowed down

Don't be in the Pretty Little Liar Club!

Not familiar with the cable tv series " Pretty little liars"  You live under a rock or something? No worries. I'll give you a quick summary; a bunch of spoiled brat millineums that lie and live in the superficial world of perceived wealth and where looks and beauty rule over intelligence and honesty. We all may find  ourselves  telling a little fib or stretching the truth sometimes.  It's wrong and we know it but everyone else does it so it's cool. We justify the lie so it doesn't hurt someone's feelings or to avoid others from looking at us less admirably. We even catch our parents or bosses stretching the truth some times. Stay out of the PLL ( pretty little liar) Club before it's too late

The beauty and life lessons in tragedy.

Live like you were dying. Tim McGraws country song lyrics are the ultimate reminders to all of us how precious every day is and that the Present is a gift we all are allowed to unwrap each day. Think about the emotions and feelings that engulf us when we lose a loved one or hear that a friend or relative is terminally ill. We feel sorry, we are angry and then finally realize how lucky we are to be alive and healthy. The unfortunate tragedies we all experience should be the ultimate wake up call to stop and "smell the beautiful roses" and also: Say I love you more often to the people in your lives that matter. Forgive those that have dissapointed or hurt you. Truly appreciate all that you hav

One step closer to your Goal by the greatest tool ever; Failure

Goals can become the strongest force for self-motivation- they are your track to run your course. Yet less than 5%of all people set specific goals, and fewer than 5% will write their goals down on paper. Why such depressing numbers? People don't know the importance of goal setting. Every great accomplishment usually begins with a goal written down on paper. Most people don't know how to set goals. Writing it with details, with a timeline and a sense of reality, clarifies the goal and commits you to it. The big one. Afraid to fail. If you have no goals, you're not risking failure.  Wrong strategy! Fail faster and more often.  Failure is a preclude to success. Failure and the learning process

I need to major in something impressive so I can get a great job one day. Get a B.A in life!

I know parents,teachers, guidance counselors and your Uncle Joe have given you their advice on what to study and what to be when you grow up.  Or maybe a major or career in something sounded cool but on further review you realize it's just not your gig. Don't panic. In the competitive world of finding a job or gaining admission into graduate, law or medical school, let's remember what makes you the " right choice": GPA. Have a high one but more important have a Genuine Positive Aura. (GPA). Book smart is cool but your ability to express your intelligence ( verbal, written and body language ) gets the job and  gets you through the nerds in Admissions who envy your intangibles. You may change

The magic wand in motivating today's athletes!

I am asked constantly by parents and coaches as to the best way to motivate today's young athletes. How do I get my son to take more batting practice?  What can I do to get my daughter to strength train in the off-season? If my kid put more time into his sport, he would be a prospect! Here's my perspective and secret formula! The next time you see your player or child wasting time or lazy about his sports habits ( or  for that matter, school work ) give him the best piece of motivation ever; DONT. The only motivation that is genuine and lasting is self-motivation. Encouragement and support and unconditional love are a given, but if you really think you are going to "will" someone to be dedic

Three second rule in dropping food and changing thought to actions!

We all know the 3 second rule in food drops right? If you drop food on the floor or ground and you are able to pick it up within 3 seconds of the drop, the universe says it's okay to eat it! Optional if you want to kiss it to God or anyone else upstairs you consider your Source! That's been the unwritten rule since the cavemen have been careless with their meals. The 5 second rule is a cousin of the 3 second rule. Simply, if you think about something you should be doing or a mindset you need to better accomplish a task, give yourself 5 seconds from the thought to act or change the mindset: Thought: I'm a lazy, fat slob this week. Action: Roll of the couch and do 10 push-ups within 5 seconds

May 1. The Day to turn April seeds to  May flowers!

So for about a month you have been reading my blogs and for a few minutes you get a chuckle and a " ahaha" moment and you get back to your normal hectic life. It's May 1. Time to pick a few topics and take it to your daily activities.  Your choice, go back and select the one or two strategies, write them down or put in your phone or share to the world on social media that today starts your action plan. Lazy to review?  Here's a few reminders: Put the donut down and drink your hunger craves away ( not happy hour). Disconnect earlier from the faceless world of social media and get 45 minutes more sleep this week. Find time to get to Alpha daily. ( meditate). Refine your rap chats and edit your

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