First day of Summer: The ultimate snack for year long play!

As we celebrate the longest day of the year and summer is officially here, I introduce you to the best snack food to keep your summer play at the elite level: I give you the SunChips! Why SunChips? Two reasons. You ready? 1. Pocket full of SUNshine. Practice and play ( no difference in mindset remember!) with a glow and lightness as if you had a light energy source illuminating from your backpocket. Sunshine is happy that touches all parts of the field and the ultimate feel good on your face. Sunshine in your pocket is a reminder and weapon selection to choose optimism over pessimism and light over darkness as we play. Sunshine is light on your feet, a prance  and a look on your face that ex

Turning it over: See it, Feel it, Trust it.

Our never ending journey to find success once the cameras, crowd and the " big moment" arises. As our good friend Tao Te Ching said many years ago: Less and less do you need to force things until finally you arrive at non-action. When nothing is done, nothing is left undone. Turning it over, or putting trust in our instincts, is our ultimate goal. Just as we don't tell the ears when to hear or the eyes when to see, your natural abilities will surface best when left alone. If you are physically and mentally prepared, then you shouldn't be concerned with HOW it's going to happen. You should be only concerned with letting it happen. Why do we change our mindset come game time? Practice like you

Let every day be Fathers Day to someone in your life.

In celebrating the real Fathers Day today, it dawned on me how cool it would be to pretend it was Fathers Day every day and spread and share the love to all people in our lives  who have provided us fatherly advice. Waiting for someone to get sick or die is not the best time to share how grateful you are to their fatherly support and presence in your life. Mothers, aunts and grandmothers also count in every day is Fathers Day share the love. You don't have to be a man to father someone. Everyone wins. In making others feel appreciated it gives meaning and perspective to our own lives. The ultimate weapon in making our own lives more meaningful is to touch as many other lives in a positive wa

Are you a prisoner of your past experiences or a warrior of your future actions?

We see it all the time. A players performance level stays the same each year or regresses. As teammates, coaches, and well wishers, we agonize with them and feel helpless in their inability to change their ways and their performance. Learn to break the prison chains and become the master warrior of today and tomorrow. A few helpful reminders you know but perhaps need another kick in the grass reminder: No goals, no plan, no chance. If you don't know specifically where you want to go or become, you have zero chance of succeeding. Be bold and daring and say it loud or write it on your forehead. " I will be ........" Learn from your past failures then erase the event out of your memory. Have a

Going for Gold or left out in the Cold. 3 keys to greatness!

So you want to be an Olympian or achieve a level of excellence in your chosen field. We all do. Three pieces of the puzzle to share! Blogging from Irvine CA as I spend time with Team USA softball as they prepare for the 2020 Olympics, it dawned on me what it actually takes to make this team and the same actions the best of the best possess: 1. Beat the Clock. We all have 1440 minutes a day to get stuff done and still have time to socialize and chill out. The elite manage their time, commit to their schedule and look to squeeze out every second of the day in furtherance of improving some part of their game or profession. 2. Love is everywhere.  The best love the game and more importantly love

Why are we On the Verge everyday?

A group of students recently asked me why my blog was called "On the Verge". I was initially surprised to hear the confusion, but realized that assuming other people's reference point was lazy! So that there is no confusion, On the Verge is a reminder that each day, week, month, we are capable of tremendous progress or regress in our goals and dreams. Do you know right now what road in the On the Verge blog image you are on? The Road to nowhere or a dead end because of laziness, no discipline or the Road to success and happiness? Goal setting is perhaps the most important planning (weapon) in deciding what Road you will stay on as you journey through your busy day. When used properly, the go

Letting go when you need to... Are you playing or working come game time?

Actors, athletes, musicians and superstars in every industry are made from the same mold. They all have something in common when the lights are down and the hard, boring work of preparation separates the good from the Gods of their profession: 1. A specific  topic or  narrow part of their art that needs improving; 2. Laser focus preparation in practice with a uncanny ability to create the thoughts and images of a game situation; 3. Amazing Commitment to details during training; 4. Extraordinary ability to review, analyze and adjust during a workout session; 5. Tremendous discipline to repeat the task over and over in practice so it becomes their new ME. There is a time and place for analysis

Pull the trigger. Good,bad or wrong. Make a decision and swing for the fences.

Dealing with complex problems in life is no different than what hitters, goalies or basketball shooters do on a daily basis in games. Be on time. The best Executives and hitters make timely decisions and get a large percentage of them to work. Define the problem. Know the situation and what you are trying to solve before jumping into action.  What's the score and what do I need to do here to drive in this run? Take in all relevant data before making the decision. See the ball longer and deeper. Hitters and big time biz people  review relevant information longer and clearer than others! Don't waffle. No check swings or maybe thoughts. Once you decide to go, no regrets or indecision.  You can'

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