The building of your own Rap Chats in your Pursuit of Excellence.

Do you remember Rap Chats? Your own positive self suggestions / inner voice/ self-talk/ song/ little person in your head chatter we all need to kick ass when life gets fast and mean. Make them your own, keep it simple and take the time to create and replay them over and over again when circumstances and events get challenging. Use the menu below as a starting point to build and believe your own shorter personal Rap Chats! I am in control of my own thinking, my own focus, my own life. I control my own thoughts and emotions and direct the whole pattern of my performance, health and life. I control the step in front of me. I learn from setbacks and through them I see room for improvement and op

Anatomy of a great at bat. The final pieces!

Part 3 of a Great at bat series. What part and  pieces within the Parts are the most important? Since you are becoming your own best hitting coach and your biggest fan, you will decide what pieces need to be added and then make them a regular part of your practice and pre-game routines! Here we go. Hit the pitch you want to see. Sounds like the universal basic advice of see it, hit it". Quite the opposite. In offensive counts ,Good hitters stay with a visual plan and "funnel" the ball into a lane or ladder within the hitting area.  With two strikes, great hitters love the challenge and make seeing the ball longer ( " track the pitch to your back knee or front elbow") as their primary task.  

Be an Encourager. Both You  and the other person win!

A message from my good friend Clint Hurdle I wanted to share and ENCOURAGE you to make a difference today. Be An Encourager July 15, 2017 Truett Cathy, the founder of Chick-Fil-A, asked rhetorically, "How do you know if a man or woman needs encouragement?" His response, "If they are breathing.' We all need encouragement and positive communicators encourage and inspire others to do more and become more than they ever thought possible. Positive leaders are great encouragers and it's something the world needs more of. With so many people telling us we can't succeed, we need to hear people telling us we can. I remember my high school English teacher telling me not to apply to Cornell Univers

Anatomy of a great Offensive Day. Part 2

Back in the Batters box and ready to hit? Your pregame preparation and time spent when no one was around will be rewarded or exposed. Let's continue the hitting menu we started in Part 1 so you have a full diet of goodies to select and devour: 8. Meds (mini meditation that soothe the soul and connect you with YOU)  and Best Flixs (personal highlight films) should be a constant throughout pre game and on deck. National anthem time is a great time to do both!  If you can deep slow breath for 10 seconds from the diapram (horizontal muscle way under the belly area ) you can meditate. If you can close your eyes for a few seconds in public, you can see and be the best flix you just created in your

The Anatomy of a great Offensive Day! Part 1

The menu is long but you need to select  your choices prior to each game. Don't be afraid to try something different at times off this Menu of  Hitting Excellence. Here's the first 7 on the menu! 1. 8+ hours of sleep the night before. Alert and calm in the box allows for calm smooth actions. No sleep, no chance. 2 A balanced healthy lunch that will fuel you to attack all day - protein and whole grain carbs! Add a fruit. Your body is like a Ferrari car, it doesn't want or need crap gasoline or cheap fast food to perform at its best. 3. Your eyes are made up of 90% water. Your eyes are the ultimate weapon in your battle against the pitcher. Choose water over Dunkin with sugar and cream or suga

The anatomy of a bad at bat.

Not great sleep the night before. Fast food for lunch since you we're rushed for time. Three coffees and an energy drink before the first inning. No reading or JOG ( journal) review to rekindle the great moments the week before. No dry swings during pre game hitting  specific types of pitches with your eyes closed because you were concerned what your teammates would say. Two plus hours  before the game of phone staring on the small screen to smash the eyes. Hitting coach making you feel good instead of trying to get you game ready during bp. No time for MEDS ( daily deep breathing) or Best flixs ( imagery). Cardio swinging at 15 pitches thrown dead middle with no interruption to practice "do

Celebrate the 4 of July every day with your own freedom and independence!

As we get ready to watch fireworks and enjoy the freedom this great country affords us,let's continue to work on our own July 4th independence  and freedom every day: Freedom from old habits and patterns that limit our productiveness and happiness; Freedom from allowing the negative people and thoughts in on our lives to derail our goals and dreams; Freedom from thoughts and self induced stress that are manifested from dwelling on the past or future events beyond our control; Freedom from wasting time and energy throughout the day that could be spent on creating a better tommorow, both in our career and in our personal life; Freedom from and unhealthy diet and fitness regimen that saps our s

Specialization in sports; Stop the madness!

Remember the days when children would just go out and play by themselves and they learned to play by watching others and through trial and error?  Gone are the days when kids played different sports all year round. How do we better prepare this generation of children and athletes to be successful and enjoy sports to the max? You here it all the time from college coaches. " We want athletes! What does that mean? Here's a quick checklist to see if you or your child is on the right path: Walking is the skill of first impression. Head up, shoulders back and have a little bounce in your step ( instead of heavy Frankenstein feet) is the beginning of proper running form. No matter what sport or act

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