Remove the Yoke and never Choke again.

Two animals held together by a Yoke. Stay with me on this one! A Yoke is a wooden crosspiece bound to the necks of a pair of oxen that has been used for over a century. Metaphorically, the Yoke is something oppressive or burdensome and in writings in the Bible, the metaphor refers to being chained  or enslaved to evil thoughts. Choking in sports and life. How do we define this? 1 One's inability to control their thoughts and actions in a situation. 2.Interference from the Thinking part of the brain that effects the Nike ( just do it) part of the brain. 3. Perceived pressure and result driven thoughts that sabotage the pure actions that are imbedded in all athletes preparation. 4. Temporary l

Find your Flow and live among the Giants of human performance!

The Zone. Peak Performance. Heaven. Alpha. On Fire, Autopilot. Flow. Call it what you want but this is where athletic and human performance take on a different level and a state of being scholars, scientists and psychologists have been studying for years. As athletes and artists and in everyday life, we stumble in and out of Flow. What is Flow? Clear goals with a high challenge and skill level Concentration is high on a limited field of attention. A loss of the feeling of self-consciousness. Distorted sense of time. A sense of personal control over the situation. The activity is rewarding so action is effortless. Million dollar question is how to find and stay in Flow.  In "The  Rise of Supe

The school bell is about to ring. Be ready and take the school year by the Bells!

HS and college students are getting ready to begin another school year soon. Athletes everywhere are getting their pre-school sprints in to avoid the coaches wrath on the first day of Fall workouts. New year. New challenges and new action plan to kick grass in the classroom and on the field.  Make a commitment to take your words and thoughts to real actions this year: 1. This will be the semester your sleep patterns will be an asset not a liability to your studying and sports. 2. This will be the semester you will eat like a champion and fuel your brain and body to reach new peaks. 3. This will be the semester you will take back some of the 1440 minutes a day you waste on your phone connecti

The Travel Team tragedy parents never see coming.

In an age where there is a new travel team starting up every day and parents thinking that playing games and "bad info" practice gets players better, let's understand the following: On the softball side, if the techincal skills of hitting, throwing and pitching aren't presented by the age of about 13, the chances of that player having any level of success ( beyond the local travel team) is slim to none. By the time the parents realize playing and winning games and participating in practices that teach the wrong stuff and don't respect the speed of play of real softball, it's too late. There's a reason why only a small fraction of the giris that play softball, particularly in the Northeast, h

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