wtf are BTFs?  How teams and companies thrive!

In my recent Team Physics formula I shared the 4 building blocks needed to turn team chemistry into Team Physics. BTF's. Best teammates forever as the saying goes on the sports field. Off the field, Businesses that flourish ( also BTF's)  exhibit the same habits within their employees. Simple concept but let's drill down and define and execute! The 10 commandments to be elected into the BTF Hall of Fame: 1.  Listen to your teammates even when you want to walk away or punch them. 2.  Extend random acts of kindness when they least expect it. 3. Share with them a personal issue or something on your mind.  They will feel better and so will you. 4.  For no reason or lead in, hug them. 5. In their

Team chemistry is for Girl Scouts and losers. Team physics wins championships and builds BTFs ( best

What's the difference between chemistry and physics and what relevance does it have in the sports performance world? Without turning this into a science clsss,  physics is the study of MATTER and the whole universe. It's the top dog and ruler of all sciences!  Chemistry, in simple terms, is about reaction and interaction of elements that you can't see at times. Team Chemistry is nice and feels good but it's missing a few pieces; results and the coaching staff as a major element. At a recent college baseball workshop, we introduced the 4 pillars of team physics: The BTF factor: Best teammates forever and what that means. The Power of Me Player Pledge: Max effort, my enjoyment and manage my em

I can't visualize my great performance when I close my eyes! How Best Flix/visualization becomes

If you see it, it shall be done. Just close your eyes and imagine your performance or technical skill. Easier said than done. Many people get frustrated when they close their eyes and see nothing or can't create the image or picture they are attempting to access. Visualization/Best Flixs can take years to master. Patience and persistence are a prerequisite to making Best Flixs one of your master weapons. Let's blueprint how Best Flixs become a real weapon: 1. Daily dose of trying. Real simple; finding time each day to get quiet and create in your minds eye the highlight video is a must. Designate a time in the evening or early morning or during the day to practice. In between clssses, bus ri

The three headed monster we must battle and conquer every day. Game on!

Worry, Doubt and Fear. The three sisters of Evil. They live in the Enchanted Forest and at times in the minds of all of us. Making them even more powerful, they each have a special place in which they grow and spread their wickedness: Worry lives in the Present. Doubt gets it powers from the Past. Fear lives in the Future. Our weapons of choice to battle the evil sisters are usually Rap chats, Best Flix and songs and laughter. At times we need another friend to go to battle with! Time to send the three sisters back to the black hole where they came from forever. I introduce you to Prince FIONA, champion of the greatest day ever, TODAY. Simply, Prince or Princess Fiona is your go to hero to e

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