The Coaching challenge. Do you LEAD or do you FAST?

What comes first bad team chemistry or a coach or coaching staff that doesn't deliver the final piece to go from team chemistry to team physics? In previous posts, I described Team Physics as the real "science" found within successful  teams. To go from chemistry to physics, key substances need to be added to the mix from the coaches; Double LEAD!  Don't eat it, just write it down. L. Listen  and Laughter E. Energy and Empower A. Appreciate and Aptitude D. Discipline and Delegate The best of the best coaches understand and demonstrate genuine listening skills. They know when to give monologue speeches and they know when it's time to shut up or engage in personal dialogue. The master coaches

WTF!  Your choice every time.

No. It's not what you think it stands for! WTF-  In life and on the playing field, we have two choices when adversity or setbacks arise. WTF. As athletes and students, we can Work the Fix or Wallow in the Fog. Work the Fix requires a genuine reflection and a proactive response to the temporary setback or perceived "failure" that occurred: "How do I remedy the situation? " Whats my next move?" " Work the solution out and get after it" No extended time to pout, think and go do" Work the Fix. Your other WTF option is to Wallow in the Fog: Pity party time. The world is out to get me. I'll never recover.  Someone else or medication will fix the problem.  My problems are bigger than everyone's. Ev

No SEED, no chance to blossom  into your flower of choice!

You want to develop into a high level athlete, respected professional or a giant sunflower? Follow the farmers formula and plant the SEED  every day: S. Sleep. You have heard it before but starting today it's a priority. Get off the caffeine crap earlier in the day and disconnect from the I phone world sooner and make bedtime a hard deadline. Lack of real sleep ( 7-9 hours) effects  mood swings, bad eating and focus levels. E. Eat Garbage in,garbage out.  You are what you eat. You have heard this nonsense since health class in high school. You want to get the most out of your brain and body every day? Control the bad choices and increase the good! E. Exercise. Sweat, jog,dance, move. No matt

Mental skills training.  Ocassional fun reading or a daily commitment in the pursuit of excellence?

I hear it all the time. "Professor, I really liked the blog topic or article you wrote about mental skills training". " It could really help me. Reading your sports psych text book or taking 3 minutes to read a short blog piece is only the beginnning for those looking to improve their daily lives, both on and off the field. The real work starts when you make a commitment and have the discipline to practice and execute the specific topic on a regular basis. How do you go from fun reading to being able to access these tools when the game starts? JOG. Visit your Journal of Greatness daily and be brutally honest with your recap. Share the good, the bad and the ugly of each day or performance wit

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