The 14 day WMD challenge launches in 3 days!  Are you ready?

Starting December 1st, the first annual 14 day WMD ( weapons of mental dominance) will be released through my On the Verge blog. At the request of several teams and individual players, the 14 day WMD challenge will jumpstart your 2018 mental skills training through a collection of specific daily action plans for you to execute! Follow the 14 day WMD calendar. Commit to the challenge and grade yourself at the end of the 14 days.  No matter your score, you win big by taking the WMD challenge. Players that accomplish all 14 challenges win a free FOPO shirt and qualify for a paid trip to New York to star in a WMD video shoot! Will your weapons be ready in 2018? December 1st. starts the battle.

The eyes lead the body. End Game!

If you want to hit like the elite, you must learn to see moving objects with the same mindset and openness you would look at these images. When you look at nothing, you see it all... Practice open focus anytime, anyplace and watch the world become your personal place.

The 5 rings of athletic and personal greatness. Olympic traits on and off the field.

There must be thousands of self help and best intention books and opinions on the keys and "secret sauce" to greatness in sports. Every coach,trainer and self-proclaimed  expert professes to have the blueprint to being a household name in the sports world. Businesses spend millions of dollars each year bringing in mental coaches and performance experts to help their workers. Let's keep it real and save the world a ton of money and time and admit that their are only 5 pieces ( rings) to winning a Gold medal or living the dream in your personal and professional worid: 1. You need talent to begin with. You can work your ass off and practice all day singing in the shower and take singing lessons

Space. The final frontier in Sports. Be a space rider!

In a recent discussion with athletes from different sports, it finally dawned on me what the common denominator was for all in the room. Space. The final frontier in all athletes visual processing strategy. Put another way, great athletes see, measure and process the space between objects on a field faster and more accurately than their opponents. Simply, the space in between Point A and Poiint B and how players measure and gauge the space explains: First step quickness on a fly ball; A Quarterback hitting a reciever down field; Hitters estimating time to collusion; Soccer or Hockey goalies defending the goal; Golfers sizing up a putt. Seeing in this three dimensional strategy reminds one of

Do you have it backwards in your quest for athletic success?

Think about it. If 100% of playing a sport is vision ( where's my opponent, where's the ball, where's the goal, where's my teammate?) and let's say 90% of your performance is mindset and emotional management, why do we spend most of our practice/training time in the mechanical world? Yes, all sports require a certain level of motor skill consistency to compete and at some point excel. However, actual game performance and ongoing success heads back into the visual and emotional world. Are you training like a Jedi knight or doing the same "stuff" everyone else does that stumbles into greatness by accident some times? Learn to breathe through your eyes. Learn to look at nothing and see everythi

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