Focus Pocus! Understanding and improving Focus levels in competition.

Focus! The most overused command in sports and  the education world! We lose it,we focus on the wrong stuff and at times, we overfocus. We are told by well intended coaches to FOCUS, which many times, increases stress and focus on the wrong  stuff occurs As athletes, let's review the many layers of focus and when one is more appropriate than another. Scan-  visual focus that sweeps and scans objects like a freelance painter brushing the canvas. The eyes are in "free see" mode with rhymic movements at the world. Switch off time-  between pitches or lulls in the action where the player comes off the game focus intensity level. Open focus -  looking at nothing but seeing it all. The cousin of s

2018. The year of the Selfie!

Well it’s almost time to set our New Year’s resolutions. What will you leave in 2017? Why will 2018 be “your” year? Like many of my fellow Americans, I’ve never been good at keeping my resolutions. (But hey, major props to you if you’re part of the miniscule 8% that sticks to your resolutions!) Most of the time I forget about them after a few weeks. Oops. For others it might be setting too many or their train gets derailed after small failures. Sad. Well...I don’t necessarily have a typical resolution this year. Instead, I’ve decided to make 2018 all about Self Love. Ok… now bear with me here. Self Love? Seems like a broad topic you might hear about in the self help book you saw on the shelf

Best hitting and pitching coach ever. Aristotle.

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” Yes, some old dude from many moons ago named Aristotle coached up a large group of student athletes as he talked about sports and life. His formula was simple for those looking to excel in the classroom and the gridiron; Habits and routines created to further your skill or intellect level repeated over and over again in a boring monotonous manner are the foundation to excellence. If your routines and habits are sloppy or inconsistent, performance and intellect are left to chance. A +B+C = habits that create athletic excellence. Now fill in the letters and make Aristotle proud!

Coaching and Leadership 101. Shut up and listen!

In polling several athletes from a variety of college and high school sports, it became crystal clear what coaching habits and styles motivated and empowered today's athletes. Here's what I found: Players don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. Coaches who had high level listening skills when interacting with their players were held in high regard by all players. Coaches who demonstrated discipline in their own lives were more successful in teaching all levels of discipline to their players. Coaches that were able to keep their ego and "I" talk under control were more effective in developing team physics ( team chemistry plus coach accountability). Bottom line. Brilli

The Final Day of the WMD challenge. Review and rejoice!

14 days of executing on little things that will make a big impact if you make it a part of the new you! Go back and review all 13 challenges and identify 3 that you will make a priority over the holiday season.  Don't get down on yourself if you forget to commit each day. New day, new start. Day 14 challenge. Three times today look in the mirror and with a genuine smile tell yourself  what a badass, rockstar, superhero you are! When you truly believe that, watch out world! Any challengers that want to be eligible for the trip to New York grand prize should contact me at Continue to be on the verge!

Lucky 13 day of the WMD challenge. Time to JOG.

JOG. As in Journal of Greatness. Today you create a JOG on your phone and write out a 10 day action plan on how to improve your SEED and attitude. SEED-  sleep, eat, exercise and drink habits. Be specific! Attitude entry-  how do you on a daily basis create the positive mindset and sense of control you need to use all the weapons and strategies you were introduced to during the WMD challenge. Bonus points if you take a regular jog outside!

Day 11 of the WMD challenge. Mend a fence Monday.

Reach out to a family member or friend you have disconnected with that time, distance or a stupid fight in the past derailed your connection    with them. No rehashing or blaming, just a reachout that conveys concern and good will and to let them know you care about them. Bonus points if you mend two or three fences!

Mirror Sunday for Day 10 of the WMD challenge!

Write down your three best characteristics! Next, write out the three "things/habits/characteristics you would like to change in the next 30 days and an action plan on how to accomplish. Be specific! Find time today to take a full minute mini-med. Eyes closed, DEBs deployed (deep exaggerated breathing) and see the new you in  a quick video in your minds eye. End the movie  with a smile and a nod!

Day 9 of the WMD challenge!     6 hours of freedom from the phone.

Commit to shut and hide your phone for 6 straight hours today. You can do it. It will take courage and discipline.  Shut and hide it! Replace the time you spent on the phone with outdoor breathing, live chats with your friends or reading a book. Maybe even mix in a workout or watch an old movie. Be better than the rest of the world and show yourself that you control you!

Day 8 of the WMD challenge. Hydra vacation time!

We know the major benefit of drinking water and most of us don't drink enough. Today you will find the time and discipline to drink 8 times ( at least 8 ounces per serving). After each drink session, close your eyes for 10 seconds and revisit a scene from a vacation you previously took. More details the better! Change the images each time you drink so you aren't bored! Drink up 8 times and take a mini vacation. Who's better than you today?

Day 7 of the WMD challenge. Time to Rake!

Rake day! No, not clean the backyard or take extra batting practice. Rake as in; Random Acts of Kindness Expression day. 2 times today, you will do something unexpected and with genuine kindness to another person. In person is best but if you need to convey the act another way, that's fine. A stranger, a co-worker, family or enemy. Be creative and be kind. 2 times  today. Go Rake!

Day 6 of the WMD challenge! Colored Body scan time.

At least 4 times today you will take a journey to your major muscle groups and with the help of colors, you will tighten and relax a specific muscle. Real simple. Select a muscle or body part. Pick a color to visualize/see when the muscle or body part is tight. Hold for three seconds and then pick your relaxed color as you release the muscle. Select at least 6 body parts per session. 4 times today! You are not that busy today and this can be done anywhere and in public. Example:  right ankle. Squeeze for three seconds and visualize black. Release and see green for three seconds. Move on! Get creative and don't leave out any parts.

Day 5 of the WMD Challenge!

Today we learn how to " steer" water into our various body parts.  You will double your water intake today and in each serving, close your eyes and as the water touches your mouth, you will visualize ( steer) that gulp of water into a specific part of your body. Make sure one of the recipients of the gulp is your eyes and one other has to be your heart. Directions: Close your eyes. Pre-determine where this next sip is going. Water enters your mouth and steer the water to the body part that was waiting for the water. Repeat at least 20 times today! Shoulders, feet, chest, wrists, hamstrings. Be creative and vary where the energy source is headed each gulp. Sore or aching body parts should get

Day 4:14 WMD challenge!

Open focus  time! At least 4 times today switch your gaze and mindset into open focus. Open focus requires you to gaze out and look at nothing and see how much more movements and actions you take in.  Get outside to take the challenge or look out the window if you can't.  Eliminate any thoughts as you allow your eyes to take over you! Listen to your slow DEBs ( deep exaggerated breathes) and let your eyes take in all that comes into your world at the time. Soft, non-judgmental seeing will replace hard narrow laser looks. Don't move your head just let your eyes slowly sweep and scan whatever movements or objects become important at the  moment. 30 seconds is all you need in open focus. Set yo

Day 3 of the WMD challenge!

Today we write a Love yourself. Start it with Dear Me. Describe  in a detail why you are the biggest fan of You and express all the reasons you love You. Be specific and give examples as to why your love still exists and despite your imperfections and occasional mistakes, you are still your biggest fan. Repledge your everlasting love and admiration today to you. Don't skimp on the  feelings and compliments! Once you have written the letter send it to yourself and save it to read the next time you have a fight with YOU. Bonus point if you share your love letter to someone else in your life.

Day 2 of the WMD challenge.

Hope the hugs on Day 1 made you feel good and the other person special! Today. It's all about mini meds ( meditation) . At least three times today, no matter where you  are, close your eyes and listen to your Debs  (deep exaggerated breaths) for 60 seconds. Three mini vacations today. Count backwards from 60 seconds to keep track. Inhale through your noise, exhale slowly through your mouth. Visualize the number you are counting as you breathe. Focus on your slow breathing and the number! Bonus points for every Mini-med you take over 3!

Opening Day of the WMD 14 day challenge. Good luck!

Day 1 assignment: At least 3 times today, hug someone you typically don't hug when you see them. If it's a complete stranger, ask for permission first. Bonus point if the recipient hugs you back! Report back each day for your next Challenge. After 14 days, you will tally up your points and be on your way to a great 2018 season... and beyond!

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