ACT... or risk defeat in sports and in everyday battles!

It's all about your ACT when it's time to step on the fieid or into an interview. A- Animation. By definition, it is the art or process of imparting life,interest spirit and motion into an object. Put another way.It is the quality or condition of being alive, spirited or vigorous. It's real simple, you better appear more like a superhero or action figure than a zombie from Walking Dead. Animation is a choice. Animation reminds your brain and those watching you that the activity or project being worked on is exciting, it's a priority and your soul and spirit are leading the way. C- Composure. By definition, self controlled state of mind, calmness,tranquility. Calm, cool and collected is the c

Be a student or be an athlete. Or be both. It comes down to Health3 to win on off the field.

Three pieces to the Health puzzle of every athlete and high performer I've worked with or have had the pleasure to observe and share strategies with.  It pertains to middle school students as well as the CEO of Companies! No magic formula but all three pieces of health need to addressed and worked on daily: Physical health - the ultimate stress buster. Sweat more, lift and run more and you have the foundation in place for all of life's challenges. You take care of your body and your body will take care of your brain. Healthy eating habits fuel your physical health which ignites your emotional health. Either you follow this cardinal rule or your performance and happiness is always in flux. Yo

Find your Groove!                  Body awareness starts and ends with knowing your Rhythm.

Find your groove. Groove is optimal motion patterns and an internal "beat" that allow performers to excel. Consistent Performance of any kind is premised upon an internal rhythm of movement that can be repeated to allow for maximum performance and pleasure. It's the athletes best friend to ensure consistency and control over all the big muscles in performance. Rhythm is the inside clock that puts your body in the best position to get proper sequencing, mechanics and all the physical crap you don't have time to overthink about come game time. We walk with our own rhyhm.  We all have our own breathing rhythm. Athletes have a regular,recurring motion that allows them to be consistent in practic

Playing carefree and with joy. How do you find the mindset?

You watch the great performances and somethings different.  From the elite athlete to the entertainer to the weekend warrior, great performances always come down to these 4 P traits: Perspective -  great performers know that the sun will come up tomorrow, death and tragedy and real important stuff is happening all over the world and they genuinely love the mere act of competing. Preparation -  attention to details and a maniacal discipline to repetition and repeating all parts of their game during practice or personal time and then a surrender to doing "nothing" hard once the game starts. Present - great performers describe the game as if played in slow motion and with tremendous visual and

Stop the mechanical madness and get into the real issues in performance problems!

The classic question I ask coaching audiences everywhere. How much of your players performance slumps are mental or visual related? The answers range from 80- 99%. If that's accurate then how much time in practice or team priorities are you the coach spending on that part of the game? I get a blank look or an expression of "help". Here's a starting point to get out of the mechanical world as a player and coach: The eyes are the gateway to the brain and the Windows to the soul. If you are going to control  your emotions and control your body it starts with your visual habits. End game. Ask yourself and your players WHAT, HOW and WHEN are you looking at the ball, the catchers glove or the defe

Defining and integrating Visual Psychology in the sports performance world.

What comes first in an athletes slow decline into a slump; negative self talk, self induced pressure or perhaps a change in his visual habits and focus targets? Put another way, does your loss of confidence and loss of emotional control stem from a temporary change in your visual search strategies? We must first understand and acknowledge that the human eyes are the only external part of the brain so the debate about whether the athletes problem is visual or mental is pointless. In 20 plus years of working with college and professional athletes that live and perform in the visual world, I believe the long term fix and underlying source of the performance  problems should first be addressed i

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