Inside out thinking. Is it in you?

Here's a statement to ponder: You create your perception and experience of life from the inside- out, not the outside in. In reading the Path of No Resistance, the light went on for me as I shared this "insight" with coaches in Wisconsin: Nothing or nobody can make you feel something you don't think.Your thinking and only your thinking,creates your feelings. So when you feel low, it has nothing to do with the events of your life - no matter how much it might look otherwise. Chew on that! So the next time you get stuck in the outside-in     mud, think about the following reboots: You cannot control your thinking. The human mind is designed to replace stale thinking with insight. 2. External c

What are you giving up to go up?

Simple formula. You want to better your life, both on and off the field? Subtraction is the math of champions: 1 Less time eating food and drinks you know are not the breakfast of champions. 2. Less time wandering through Snapchat and more time sharpening your Weapons of Mental Dominance! 3. Less time watching mindless Netflix and more time sleeping. 4.  Less time complaining about how your life sucks and more time working on how to fix it. 5.  Less time reliving your past poor performances and more time prepping the crap  out of the next great one. 6. Less time dwelling on results and more time creating and trusting a process and plan that will hold your hand come stress time. 7. Less time

You need your Mini meds daily!

Meditation. The word conveys a certain stigma and " weirdo" tag. It's for Tibetan monks and spiritual people we think. Wrong. So wrong. When you shut up and take your "meds" daily, you start to really notice the garbage and external shit that is rattling through your head. The goal is to quiet your mind of the chatter so you can connect to your inner voice that has all the best answers. Mini-meds connect you to You.  You want to play in the zone or perform in the no think mode like the elite?  Mini-Meds are the channel. Why daily mini- meds? Brings us present Opens us up to recieve unlimited information and ideas Relaxes us Relieves stress Strengthens our intuition and ability to focus Allow

Choose to be a superhero instead of a superzero!

My college students picked their favorite superhero/ action figure this week at class. Flash,Hulk,Catwoman were just a few of the characters the sports pysch students selected. The assignment?  Walk, talk and act like your superhero in front of the class during a brief superhero episode!  Students will transform their body language, voice and "aura"  in front of the class. Superhero week has officially begun! Why play make believe superheroes? 1. You are what you perceive you are. 2. Before actually becoming a superhero, act like one! 3. There is a superhero in all of us. 4. The brain can be influenced by ones body actions and language selection so that  acting behavior and performance can e

Eye control is mind control!

How do we get our players and performers tougher? The constant plea from coaches and parents around the world. Nothing against the traditional navy seal/ tough love/in your face approach but lets keep the toughness alive long after the soldiers leave town. Let's define some phrases we hear about constantly in the athletic and performance world! Peak performance. Mental toughness. Mental skills. The Zone. Control the process. The cliches go on and on. Let's get to the core facts! Mental toughness is really about emotional control. It's an athletes ability to navigate through adverse (internal or  external) conditions through the use of a series of   weapons(strategies) that he or she has can

Beauty and the Beast. Profiling your best sport performance moments.

Do you know when you need more beast in your game as opposed to beauty or can you be the master athlete and combine both all the time? Beast mode. In your face, no body better, chest pumping, navy seal toughness, take on and beat up the world, aggressive mindset. Strong and powerful wins the prize. A must, at times, in performances. Beauty mode. The lightness and tempo of a ballet dancer. The silent and inner energy that figure skaters and singers exude during performance. Effortless motion. Slow is smooth and smooth is strong feelings are the beauty athletes. Be the best of both the beast and the beauty! Say that 3 times fast! Know when beast mode has to be your primary thought and realize

The impact you have as a coach or as a player.

I have come to a frightening conclusion I am the decisive element on the field. It is my personal approach that creates the climate. It is my daily mood that makes the weather. As a -------, I possess tremendous power to make my /an athletes life miserable or joyous. I can be the tool of torture or an instrument of inspiration to myself and others. I can humiliate or humor, hurt or heal my self and others. In all situations, it is my response that decides whether a crisis will be escalated or deescalated and an athlete humanized  or dehumanized. Author unknown. Please find her within you.

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