All you need is LOVE. The 4 core parts of high level performance.

I know it sounds abit fluffy and puppies but if you strip down all the self-help magic bullets that are out there, try this self induced formula: L. Listen to your slow, controlled breath and Listen to your gut/inner voice. It knows all. O.  Open Focus. When you look with no judgment or expectations,you see everything. Open Focus is present seeing. It is how your eyes want to take in the world and moving objects. Open focus is the visual mode for the happy and famous. V.  Inside/ out thinking. The V symbolizes how our true thoughts and good feelings have to originate from the inside and not be controlled by the external/ outside events and circumstances.  Like the great hitters that Vunnel i

Understanding how one feels by how one sees. Visual psychology!

Is Visual Psychology the Answer To Performing? By LOU PAVLOVICH, JR. Editor/Collegiate Baseball CHESTER, N.Y. — When the performance levels of baseball players go south, coaches often look at mechanics, vision and the mental state of the player. Tony Abbatine, a consultant who has worked with the New York Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers, Boston Red Sox, Colorado Rockies and New York Mets, feels that defining and integrating visual psychology in the sports performance world is important to explore. “What comes first in an athlete’s slow decline into a slump?” asked Abbatine. “Is is negative self talk, self induced pressure or perhaps a change in his visual habits and focus targets? “Put anot

The FOS test. Are you full of Sh.. or full of Solutions?

How many people do you meet in sports and in real life that have all the answers, always play the victim, blame the world and then try to convince you that they are working their ass off or are committed to accomplishing amazing feats? Yes, we all know many who fall into the  FOS category. The next time you are confronted with someone that imagines and prays  for success or tells you how hard they are working,remind them (or you!) of the following: 1. You always have choices when you get kicked in the teeth; count the busted ones on the floor and cry or get up and be thankful you still have a few more teeth to fight again. 2.  WTF.  Remember that one?  High performers always Work the Fix in

It's game time!  Do you know where your eyes and thoughts are!

No one cares about your launch angles, exit speed, bat path and sequencing efficiency once the game starts. Time to let your eyes take over! Instead of checking video of your swing or having the coach tell you to swing at better pitches or "stay back", let's go back to the real tools: The Library. Did you get there softly and arrive on time to read and be quiet. Eye Candy. Deer in the headlights or sunsets, mountains and oceans? Vunnels. Did u steer the pitch you wanted to hit  into your Go Zone? Track jumpers.  Stuck behind the runaway train ( the oncoming ball) or did you position your scope slightly in front? Open Focus.  How good were you spacerider skills during ball flight? ( awareness

Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. The ultimate bad ass coach!

Game on. Life on. Stop waiting for others to save the day and get you where you want to be. You want to max out performance and life? Maybe the answer has been within your reach like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz ( she was trying to get home but her way home was two clicks away with her shoes). She also showed the Tinman,Scarecrow and the Lion that their "Prize" was inside them all along and the Wizards gift to them already existed! LOVE.  I know it sounds corny and like a Hallmark card.  Love today is a different version!  Love is the power source and  energy that guides all of us if we allow our insides to recalibrate all the crap thoughts and feelings that come and go. True performance an

Your internal clock. Every-athletes best coach.

As coaches and players, We hear and preach these cues often: Timing Rhythm Tempo Slow down Speed up Better reads Be more aggressive Be more patient. As performers, we attempt to fix or improve these physical flaws with mechanical tools. Yet, we know Consistent and mindless performance has a certain "feel" to it. The next time you want to "fix" the outside world of your hitting, throwing, kicking or dribbling skills, start with adjusting your internal clock that allows you to stay mindless in your actions. Listen to your inside timer and regulate the outside actions by rebooting the timer to your feel good / default setting. Fix the X and O's by listening to and tuning up the inside harmony a

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