Its playoff time! Teaching visual neutrality to hitters.

Playoff time brings out the best or worst in players. Each series we watch to see which players buy into " it's a big game" mindset that invariably derails performance. We all have heard that pitching wins championships but let's face it, you still need to score runs and force the other team to play defense also. Reminder to all the hitters: The harder you "look" during ball flight and during the pitchers delivery the less you will "see". Space and speed are better measured when the eyes and mind are quiet. No soft or fine focus is needed. Just be and you shall see. Sunsets,mountains and oceans, remember those images! Your Go line is closer to the plate than you realize. Get ready physically

Can you go a day or 2 or 3 or 4 with just juices and water? The ultimate mental and physical cleans

I would laugh when I would hear people "fast" or "cleanse" their insides by juicing and giving up solid, processed foods for a period of time. What a stupid diet and a ridiculous  thing to do to ones body and mind. Not eat for a few days?  Dumb.  What benefit, other than a quick and temporary loss of weight would that accomplish?  Then it dawned on me as daily fatigue, and an addiction to caffeine and carbs (like most middle age men) started taking its toll. As I end my 5 day juice journey and all the incredible physical benefits it provided, I realized this week was truly an exercise in  testing ones mental strength and emotional control. There were times I wanted to eat the kitchen cabinet

You need MA to hit and field like the rich and famous!

MA  is a Japanese word which translates, for purposes of this article, as "gap", " space", "pause" or " the space between two parts".  It is best described as a consciousness of place, not in the sense of an enclosed three-dimensional entity, but rather the simultaneous awareness of form and and non-form deriving from an intensification of vision. Okay, great. How does this Eastern world concept have anything to do with performance? Think about what the great athletes do as they decide what to swing at, run after or throw to. Consider the mindset of the master riflemen or the skilled quarterback. In their quest to estimate time to collusion or intersect the flight of a ball, the "space" betw

Convicts rock.  Why conviction is the glue to performance levels.

One could say that elite performers and convicts are born from the same crib. Criminals. They are imprisoned for their behavior and actions. Once found guilty and incarcerated, they become convicts. Their freedom to wander and be undisciplined is removed. Their days are spent inside and the outside world is but a perceived event that exists beyond their walls of control. Elite athletes. Their conviction and imprisonment to their training schedule is mandatory. The structure and regiment to their nutritional needs is institution-like. Their conviction to repeat the same routines and mindset in practice as in live performance is beyond escape. They are inside-outside performers that view the

If you... Where raw confidence starts.

If you can think it. If you can can write it. If others think you can be it. If you can see it in your minds eye. If you have actually done it once before. If you are willing to put your heart and soul in it. If other people's disbelief motivates you. If you take every punch in the face as a kiss. If your plan to accomplish exists in front of you. If your will to try outweighs your fear of failure. If you dream and imagine with your eyes open. The ladder to real confidence. Start the climb.

Cheat the Grind. Not!

As some of us celebrate Passover and Easter Sunday, a reminder and reaffirmation of the power of Good. Each day we have crossroads and decisions that need to be made quickly. The day gets fast for us and we get caught up with reacting and being influenced by outside events. We make excuses, defer to later or play the blame game. We escape into social media to make us feel better or worse, depending on the last tweet or image we touched.  We succumb to others reactions to our true self and hide behind self- consciousness. The grind is doing the stuff we know that needs  to get done at the moment to make tommorow easier and more enjoyable. The grind is saying no when yes is more popular. The g

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