BFF. A hitters best friend; Ball Flight Frequency

In the age of analytics, saber metrics and computer based instructional programs that are no more than video games, i present to you a new way to analyze and improve players ability to estimate time to collision; aka, hitting! Yes we all need traditional BFF's (best friends forever) in our lives but improving and increasing our Ball Flight Frequency is a must for today's little league and big league hitters never ending quest to dominate the strike zone. We know live pitching is one of the best ways to prepare hitters and provide them with true ball flight processing. However, even live pitching to a hitter that has inefficient visual search strategies will hit a wall at some point (hence th

Lefty on lefty visual search strategies.  How to even up the percentages?

The age old challenge of lefties facing lefties. Here's a visual search adjustment that hitters describe and is consistent with the concept of directional selectivity ( a neuro/visual concept). Concept:By changing the direction in which hitters sweep/ get to the left handed pitchers release so that they are not pulling out and away with their sweep leading to a greater chance of " pulling out" with the front side of the swing. Integrate:  Hitters practice a right to left scan to the leftys arm slot in center Toss or bp. Off the lefty, lefty hitters use a right to left scan path to get to ball flight. Put another way, lefty hitters will sweep in from the right side of the pitchers arm slot to

The 5 visual zones of hitting. Reset and Rake!

Instead of tinkering with your swing mechanics or beating yourself up in the box, check in with the 4 phases of hitting that with a slight adjustment, could salvage your at bat or your next one. Pre delivery. Gaze out into the field and take in the world or a fan in the bleachers. Sunsets, mountains and puppies time. Delivery. A great time to sweep and scan the pitchers motion checking for pre pitch cues.  Let your eyes be free and easy as you paint the pitcher. Ball release.  No prize to over focus on the hand or hip!  Start settling the track in front of ball release so you are front side tracking right from the beginning. Go zone.  Set 12-15ft in front of home plate, (depending on the spe

Ocular Control.                        The first team to visually relax wins.

You've heard it a thousand times. The first team to relax typically has an advantage over their opponent.  No matter what sport you play or position, your eyes will set the tone for the rest of your muscles that need to engage during your performance. Like a computer that needs a reboot, these easy eye openers can only help reset the picture and let the eyes and brain reconnect! Follow these 4 rules that will help control your "windows" and subsequently the rest of your muscles during game performances: Bug to reset -  make your eyes as big and wide as possible as if you saw a 10 ft monster. Squeeze to please - close your eyes for 1 second and reopen. Count your blinks-  slowly blink and fee

Play FAST to make the game  Slow.

The elite performances share four common traits that observers marvel over and the athletes themselves are jealous of and look to emulate. The best players  are FAST in more ways than just their running or pitch speed: Free.  Free is the ultimate state of play when thoughts are present and mindset is curious and in love with the moment. Free from fear and free from outside forces that fuel worry, doubt and fear are obvious by the look and aura freedom players possess. Free is truly playing not working. Free players let their eyes lead their actions  and control their body parts. Animation.  Like the young boy or girl exploring in the playground or celebrating their first homerun in little le

Visual reminders to win the battle. 17, 10 and O.

We all have heard how hitting is about making adjustments to the situation and what the pitchers strategy and strengths are at a given time.  Making significant physical adjustments in the middle of an at bat (slight relocation within the batters box doesn't count) isn't  the answer for most hitters. Remember the 3 visual markers you can always "reset"within an at bat to reboot the brain and the eyes: 17 inches. Home plate is 17 inches (sometimes the umpires eyes make it 20!). Look down at the front of the plate and imagine/draw a line in your minds eye right to the pitchers release point.  The brain and its most noticeable part, the eyes, sometimes need a reminder as to where the start and

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