Could your best mental skills coach be in the mirror? Inside-Out may be the answer.

What if mental skills trainers, peak performance coaches and sports psychologists were the second best "solution" to performance issues and dealing with the daily stress of life? I am currently teaching "sports psychology" at colleges across the country and have worked with  amateur and professional athletes for many years. I am coming to the realization that, perhaps, there are better long-term options in the never ending quest to "fix" the  mental/emotional/mindset/toughness issues that affect performance. If your way as a coach or player is working (both on and off the field), great news, Stay the course!  If like most athletes I talk to  that are still looking for the “magic bullet”, rea

Potential to performance. Bridging the Gap with the Diamond Dozen.

Why do some players  eventually "get it" and their performance remains consistent  or in some cases skyrockets? Why do some show glimpses of brilliance only to be run over by the  stress bumps of a game? How can an athlete or a performer make every day closer to a "wow" performance? I present to you for your reading and "doing" purposes, the Diamond Dozen of Doing: 1. Autopsy the short term noise dives. A candid no fluff self-exam of what happened and the thoughts, mindset and  emotions just before the crash. 2. Failure to feedback loop. An automatic reaction to failure that includes you asking what,why and how and when do I get another chance! 3 Pay attention to details. Every part of your

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