Can Four-Part Breathing Impact Performance?

By now, we all know the importance of breathing. In not-so medical terms, when we stop breathing, we are in major trouble—a sure sign that the ability to breathe is our greatest power source. In every day living and on athletic fields, taking a deep breath to relax the mind and body is a no-brainer. The first thing we are taught as youngsters is to take a deep breath when either stressed or anxious. In meditation and in martial arts, the focus on the breath as a centering piece is well-documented. As coaches and trainers, we suggest to players—as part of their pre-pitch or pre-hit routine—to take a deep breath to clear the mind and relax the body. And all of this advice is useful. But now sc

Find Your Groove: Pre-Action Rhythm is a Must

Body awareness starts and ends with knowing your rhythm. Groove is optimal motion patterns and an internal "beat" that allows performers to excel. Consistent performance of any kind is premised upon an internal rhythm of movement that can be repeated to allow for maximum performance and pleasure. It is an athletes' best friend to ensure consistency and control over all of the large muscles in performance. Rhythm is the inside clock that puts your body in the best position to get proper sequencing, mechanics and all of the physical stuff you don't have time to overthink about come game time. We all walk with our own rhythm, and we all have our own breathing rhythm. Athletes have a regular, re

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