Can you see the light? Visual Leadership

I wish I had a quarter for every leadership book I read and a dime for every leadership book out in the business world. Everyone has a slightly different take in defining how to lead and the strategy to achieve great leadership status. Undoubtedly, leaders have incredible vision. No, not eyeglass vision. They truly "see" things before others and can envision the steps needed to accomplish the project or goal. In a sense, they live their life backwards; they create in their mind's eye what they want to do or build and then set out to make the vision a reality. In today's visual world, the next generation of leaders will have to be more seen than heard. Are you ready to lead? Lets review the t

Phonomaladritis; We all have the symptoms.

We complain about it and see it every day in others and we have become immune to how much, we ourselves, have fallen prey to the disease. We justify the ailment as a part of the modern world and brush it off as to the busy times we live in. I present to you Phonomaladritis, the lingering social and medical sickness of extended phone dependency. Our mobile phones are the best and worst part of each day. We justify our addiction by the need to be connected with our loved ones and the office. If we had the discipline to use our phone for just those reasons, we would all be healthier and happier. However, we don't. The chemical dependency (the dopamine drips as we scroll social media) and emot

Before the game got "analyzed", we had different language for performance issues.

Those of you that remember putting on your play clothes after school and going outside to play in the neighborhood until it got dark or until your mother called you from the front porch to come in for dinner, will have to teach this generation of how it used to be: Launch angle "Hey Billy you dumb ass, stop grounding out." Sequencing "Stop looking so awkward, you're embarrassing us." Mental Skills training "Grow a pair, please." Overload training "Lets use the water logged balls today." Long Toss "5 bucks whoever can break Old Man Jones front window." Sport Specific training "Lets play hoops this morning and stick ball later." Speed work "L

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