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The reality is most college athletic departments don't have the budget to employ a full-time mental performance coach.


Allow me to create a schedule for all your teams to access ( Live and Zoom) that fits your budget to address crucial topics in today's college sports.

  • Defining and improving Mental Wealth; on and off the field

  • Balancing the Student and Athlete Life

  • Coaching Habits of the Elite Teachers

  • Classroom habits of the best student-athletes

  • 1440: Managing the Daily Clock to get the most out of Student-Athletes 

  • The secret to playing in the Present: Open focus wins the Prize

  • Team Physics (not team chemistry)

  • Teaching mental skills in every practice

  • Holistic coaching for today's athletes 

  • In-game mental skills that work when the Game gets Fast

  • Improving your Coach's Skillset to teach  Mental Performance

  • Attacking the Three Evil sisters during Performance:  Self-doubt, Worry, and Fear.

Other topics the coaching staff or Athletic Dept. feels are important can be included in the live or Zoom workshops. 

Call 845-321-2832 for pricing and college references.

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