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Frozen Ropes Highlight Video

From Little League to the Big Leagues


Tony Abbatine, J.D. is a performance consultant and college professor who specializes in vision and its effect on mindset and emotions. His work in the area of Visual Psychology have been featured in Sports Illustrated, The New York Times, USA Today, Newsweek and ESPN. He has been a consultant to several Major League Baseball teams, numerous college programs and recently the performance coach for the USA Women's Olympic Softball team. Tony is a regular on the speaking circuit in the US and internationally, with recent presentations made in Dubai, Italy, France, Germany, Holland and Japan.

Tony is the Founder and Director of Performance at Frozen Ropes, a US based company that offers instruction and coaching to amateur athletes and coaches. He is currently a national columnist for Baseball America where he writes on the latest player development topics in the baseball and softball industry. Tony's articles and lectures on sports parenting and student-athlete survival is heard across college and high school classes across the country.


TA Exec.Resume OCT 2021.jpg



Bill Geivett, Former Executive, Colorado Rockies

Clint Hurdle, Pittsburgh Pirates

Jay Johnson, University of Arizona, Head Coach

Dusty Baker, SF Giants, Special Adviser

Monte Lee, Clemson University, Head Coach

Tom McNamara, Seattle Mariners, Special Assistant to GM


Ken Eriksen, USA National Team, Coach

Laura Berg, Oregon State University, Head Coach

Patrick Murphy, University of Alabama, Head Coach

Beverly Smith, University of South Carolina, Head Coach

Kelly Perez, UCLA, Head Coach

Mike Candre, University of Arizona, Head Coach

Athletic Directors

Bob Beretta, West Point Military Academy, Assistant Director, Athletics

Lynn Coutts, University of Denver, Senior Associate Director of Athletics

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