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This book is a must read for any player, parent or coach that realizes the game is played with your eyes and your emotions.

Short, easy-to-read chapters to keep players and coaches engaged!


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Beyond The Ball gives you an inside look at the teachings and performance tools used by one of the best sources in the industry. From Olympic teams, MLB teams and college programs that are searching for the final piece of the performance puzzle, this book takes you through the eyes and mindsets of what it takes to play at a higher level.

"Three decades of watching what the best 10 year olds and Olympians had in common motivated me to write this book.  If I can help one team, one player, one program tackle the "invisible" part of the game, Beyond the Ball is best seller!  The short stories and easy to read articles will be a coaches, players and parents best ammo in improving performance, both on and off the field." -Tony Abbatine

A partial listing of teams and colleges that have used the concepts found in the book:

USA Softball Women’s National Team, New York Yankees, New York Mets, Texas Rangers, Washington Nationals, Pittsburgh Pirates, Los Angeles Dodgers, Colorado Rockies, Boston Red Sox, Clemson University, Oregon State, University of Arizona, University of South Carolina, University of Georgia, United States Military Academy, University of Alabama, UCLA, Cal State Fullerton, University of South Florida, University of Texas.

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