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Every person and company has a real story behind the scenes that truly defines who and what they are all about.

Behind websites, social media, old dirt, and nameless blog postings, all of us have our real self that at times gets distorted to the public.


The thousands of families, teams and children across the world that Frozen Ropes and I have had the privilege of teaching athletic and life skills to is a testament to the strength gained from my own life's challenges.

For me, my mother and father have had the greatest influence on my life.  I lost my dad when he was 47 and my mother has battled and continues to battle for her health every day. All of us face losses and tragedies and events that define who we are but the early death of my father and the courage and strength of my mother have been the ultimate lessons I have drawn strength from.


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Critics will enjoy the rogue websites and dirt from decades ago in attempts to discredit what is real today. These detractors and those that would rather whisper and not talk directly have enjoyed the "little dirt" over the years.  Human nature has a tendency to try to knock down or discredit those that have dared to dream.


I am guilty of dreaming and being young. To my father and mother who have both taught me life lessons through death and sickness, I thank you forever.


To the millions of children, coaches, parents, college and professional teams we have touched in a positive manner over the last 25 years, we thank you for being part of our journey.


The journey has just begun and it never ends…


                                                                                                       - Anthony Abbatine

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